market tidbits again

market tidbits again

Here are a few more notes on Quilt Market.  Yesterday I posted a picture of these cute Japanese prints that I picked up at Market, here is her card bunny designs japanese prints.jpg  Her name is Angela Milliman, and she is just starting to distribute these fabrics here.  They are very unusual, I haven’t seen anything like them locally that is for sure.

Another set of fabrics that I picked up down there come from the Lecien company.  This is one complete set of the red/pink/brown colorway  lucien fabrics.JPG 

here they are closer  lucien11.JPG lucien2.JPG  there was a quilt there that was done in same fabrics, but the blue/grey colorway, and it was simply incredible….but I didn’t get a photo, much to my dismay….Next Market I go to, I will take a great deal more photos that is for sure.   

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