More of Market

More of Market

I have more to write about Market, but I really didn’t take enough pictures, and I didn’t get to see nearly enough of it……but I am certainly craving more!!!   I found this great blog by Melissa Averinos who actually has her own line of fabrics coming out soon too.  Melissa did a great job of covering much of the show, but again not nearly all of it.  At least she has more pictures!!!

I did pick up these prints from the land of Oz (Australia that is)…aussie fabs.JPG They are very busy, so I am not sure what I will make with them, but I had to have them, as you just don’t see things like that around here. 

I also picked up some small charm squares from a company that is just starting to distribute these cute little japanese fabrics. japanese novelty fabs.JPG  japanese novelty fab closeup.JPG     I don’t have her card with me, but I will post that later too, as she has a great card!!!   So all I remember is that  her name is Angela, and she hails from Texas, and these prints are great…..I may be working with them in a new pattern for the market, but we will have to see how that works out.  I don’t know if my friend Mark Lipinski would like them, as I don’t think he goes for the “cute” look too much, but they are not your typical Strawberry Shortcake type prints that are out there!!

A REALLY cool thing I did see on my last day at Market was the recylcled green plastic bottle batting.  dream green batting.jpg  I don’t know how well this really works in quilts, but the concept of recycling here is great!!!  You can read more about it at Quilter’s Dream

That is it for now…I have some other more boring regular non-quilting work to attend to, so I really should get to it!!!

Okay so you twisted my arm for one more thought….I briefly VERY briefly met Tina Givens at market as I was rushing to a train, but on Melissa’s site (mentioned above) I noticed a fabric in Tina’s booth photos that I thought was marvelous…so I thought I would mention it here.  After some quick research it is from the upcoming Chloe’s imagination line, and has the coolest bees, lanterns, and birds.  Good job, Tina!!

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