chicks are in!!!

chicks are in!!!

S3010892.JPG  S3010893.JPG   YEAH!!!!  The chicks are in!!!  Linda went to the feed store today and brought these darlings home!!  There are 8 of them, and NOW I really need to get working on the coop from last year’s demise.  The winter storms have knocked down the old outdoor roof for them, and ripped the door apart as well, so I have to get working on a new home for these sweet things.  We are going to make it more industrial strength for them as well, to keep them safe.

   coop1.jpg coop2.jpg coop3.jpg  this is the state of the current coop and yard

My quilt for the “Mantastic” invitational quilt show in Connecticut is back from Judy Irish’s quilting frame, and looks great.  I was concerned as there was a lot of bias in that quilt, but Judy got everything to quilt out just fine.  I am very happy with it.  I am excited to have my quilt in with some of the “greats” of the male quilter world (grant you a much smaller pie, but big enough for me!!)  Now I have to put the binding on it and my reliable Singer which hasn’t had a tune up for oh….4-5 years….has been at the service shop for 2 weeks this Wednesday.  She should be coming home soon, and then I can finish up this quilt and move on to more….   The studio has NOT gotten cleaned!!  But I did approach the Juki and the B-line quilting rack, and we had some nominal success for now….enough so that I don’t feel threatened by it.  I think I still need to figure out the rolling up on the poles part, but it didn’t jam up and become a horrendous mess like it had been.

My daughter wants to use the phone now, and I am currently online on our phone line so I need to close for now.  Son #1 has been on our dialup line most of the afternoon for homework….time to close…and maybe work on cleaning????   nah…I have journaling to do too!!!!  and  brownies for dessert…

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