Shaving experiment

Shaving experiment

Oh, that sounds kinda twisted-toasty, doesn’t it????

For the 5th day of my 365 experiment in self portrait-ness, I decided to experiment with my digital camera and the photoshop program in my computer.  These 3 were the rejects for 365.5, but I liked them so much I had to put them on here somewhere!!  So these are the ones that didn’t get thrown out, but didn’t get put on my Three6five.0 page:    

 SHAVE 1.jpg     SHAVE 2.jpg      SHAVE 3.jpg      SHAVE 5.jpg    Linda says that I am weird and that I am scaring her….I just did this cause I wanted to see what I looked like from other angles… never really see yourself as others do you know….so I am just looking at different angles….notice my stomach is not in any of these pictures….even photoshop couldn’t seem to help that….if only I could lay off the cookies…   

Hope to finish my quilt for the Piecemaker’s Guild show in Connecticut this weekend.  I will post when I do….we go to see the Spiderwick Chronicles this Sunday. We are all very excited about seeing it!!!


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