The last day of Christmas was yesterday…..

The last day of Christmas was yesterday…..

technically speaking on the Olde Worlde calendar……On the 1st of January, the 7th day of Christmas, My DMIL gave me this treasure load for a Christmas present    christmas present.jpg    what a great pile, huh? and way better than 7 swans a swimming, though we did see more than seven up in the Skagit Valley on the way to Grandma’s house, over all those rivers and through all those woods, and fields, and towns…. All the fabric came from her summer garagesale-ing and it was pretty good quality as well…..

I don’t remember if I posted that my Cowboys and Indians quilt did actually come out in Mark Lipinksi’s Quilter’s Home mag  this issue>>>>  qh cover mag jf08.jpg   Speaking of my friend Mark, I was reading his blog at and loved this little sign bloggingaintcrack.jpg  although my oldest was shocked…I do agree that crack is no laughing matter, but as a die-hard Diet Pepsi junkie, I guess I kind of get used to justifying things….like Diet Pepsi isn’t as bad as smoking…like that really makes it any better…okay…this last little rambling really went off base huh????….

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