exciting news hopefully

exciting news hopefully

No pictures today, but the quilt I did for “Not Your Grandmother’s Log Cabins” just came back from Colorado where it was photographed for the book coming out this spring.  This is another one of Sara Nephew’s designs, but I was a pattern tester, and did one of her designs in entirely Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  I love the quilt and am so glad to have it home…   but here is the exciting news.  I have been told that my quilt is on the cover!! It is not the featured quilt, but it is in the background apparently. I have not actually seen the cover yet, but I can hardly wait to now!!

Anyway that is my exciting news of the day…next time…I hope I will be posting OLD photos that I found of myself from college…I didn’t realize that I was quite that thin, and that I actually had eyebrows, at least they were dark then.  I have been thinking they were alway light colored, but I guess they are grey now….they don’t look grey to me….but they are not the brown they were in these old photos….

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