September Sunday ….. the latest news of sorts….

September Sunday ….. the latest news of sorts….

I have a bunch of pictures sitting on my laptop that need to get up here….maybe later tonite….two posts on one day??  That would be a first!!!  I am typing this at my real estate office cubicle, as I needed a break from what I was doing…that and I knew that I needed to post something in here soon, or I would never keep up at it….

So the news…the quilt that I made for my nephew Zachary will be in the magazine Quilter’s Home in the January/February issue…look up their website  This magazine is not a “typical” quilting magazine, and the owner/creator Mark Lipinski likes it that way.   He definitely has some unusual stuff going on in there.   Anyway, he and I have been in a few different email and phone conversations and I am hoping to be able to make a quilt featuring his new fabric line Katmandu (check the line out at:  under “my fabric”) in time for the Houston Quilt Market next month…I know I am OC (over committed, right?) but I am excited that I am getting some opportunity to show more than my local world the talents God has blessed me with and that I have ignored or put on the side for so long now.  I will let you know more about that as things progress.  If I can tonight I will post a blurb about his new line in here as well.  Or at least a link to it….  there is more news but not all can be shared yet… will have to suffice with getting some photos posted tonight….and cleaning up both my laptop desktop and my actual desktops (both office and quilting….)…..I am definitely OC!!!!!

1_Blenders_5_8_v2.gif  Here is a sample of Mark’s fabric….one of my favorites in this line…..

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