August 11th…..Enchanting Blue Arbor

August 11th…..Enchanting Blue Arbor

yellow hat fairy.jpg arbor painted.jpg orange head fairy.jpg 

I finally finished painting this arbor that I built 4 or so years ago.  “Enchanting” is the name that “they” named this blue.  It seems appropriate.

blue haired fairy bathed in sunlight.jpg

Mimi and Linda made the fairies pictured a couple years ago. But we have been clearing brush in the woods, and Mimi found this space in a volunteer hawthorne (that I cannot wait until next year to see up close finally)  and she has been having a great time building fairy houses and rooms and shopping malls….Fairies I guess have been bitten by the American “more stuff” syndrome and need shopping malls it seems….anyway I really like these shots of the fairies….

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