black and white day

black and white day

WooHoo!!!  I passed my real estate saleperson exam today!!!  Very nerve-wrecking taking the test, but I passed! I am officially a real estate agent.  I will order my business cards on Friday, and start training with my new boss, Kevyn Williams, of Dan Williams ERA Real Estate.

So Black and White Day? No color pictures to show, just a sketch….

When I sell my first house, I can finally afford the tattoo I have been wanting on my upper arm.  Here is a rough sketch they did at the Tattoo shop:

fish tattoo.jpg

The fish will be filled with celtic knotwork and the banner will have the word “Beloved” …… the fish to me represent the provision of the story when Jesus called Peter to be a disciple, Peter had been out fishing all night…no luck at all…but Jesus told him to cast his net on the other side of the boat…I am sure Peter thought Jesus was quite the lunatic..I mean he was a carpenter, what did He know about fishing….But Peter did it anyway…and SURPRISE…there were more fish than his nets could hold….those fish were waiting there while they talked ….waiting to be provision…

the word “Beloved”?  to remind me that God loves ME….I am his beloved. just as I am, even when I am in the midst of being quite messed up….and to remind me about Him as well as my wife, my beloved also….

So enough preaching for now…actually I wasn’t preaching, I am just telling part of my story…..thanks for listening!!


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  • So, reading that you are getting ready to close a new Real Estate deal implies that you will be getting inked soon. I really like the design you have here and hope you enjoy it for the rest of your life.

    I recommend getting the black ink done first and in a month or so, after it heals, you can play around with felt pens coloring it in to see what you like. Have fun with it.

    Peace, Rich

    August 27, 2007 at 12:35 am

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