aqua dreams

aqua dreams

So does every entry here have to do with color??  Well, not necessarily, but color sure fills my head a lot. My friend Rich Brimer who helps keep this site together for me emailed me this morning with a great new header that should be coming on the site soon, and he asked me to provide something “quilty” for the backdrop….well, I couldn’t just shoot a picture of one of my 14 or so UFO (unfinished objects) or WIP (work in progress)….no, not me, I had to start a new project today!!!  Never mind that I have my state exam in Real Estate tomorrow at 8 am!!!  So I have spent the larger part of this Memorial Day afternoon inside working not on my cramming (I think I do know the subject matter pretty well by now….I hope)  Below is a photo of the beginnings of the project:

beach fabrics shot.JPG

and here are a few squares and a temporary layout:  

aqua dreams1.JPG

But the rest will have to wait until tomorrow after I get home from my PASSING my exam (positive thinking here) and stopping by the office to have my broker sign the paperwork that will officially license me when the paperwork leaves the post office!!   For now Pumpkin bread made by my oldest son, Noel, awaits me, and I have to get to the grill for BBQ chicken…and then more studying!!!


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