colors, ethereal beauty, and a question

colors, ethereal beauty, and a question

I wrote much of this down either at work or driving to or from work…(the driving part is very sloppy as I did actually keep my eyes on the road)  A couple of weeks ago, I entered here the colors of the week….those have been changing as all things do.  I have written down the Bright Yellow of Scotchbroom that dominates much of the sides of Washington State’s highway system.  There was a yellow-ness to the fresh green of most deciduous trees as well…that yellowness is fading as of late, and everything seems a bright emerald-type green…..quilting-wise, I am in a Red, White, and Blue phase.  I am making some star squares for an exchange with my online Men’s Quilting Group QuiltGuy  ….as well as making some red, white, and blue chickens and 9 patches for a surprise for a good friend….I figure while I am at it with the RWB theme, I  might as well finish some summer placemats that have been in UFO status for a couple years.  I am hoping to post pictures of some of these soon, but I wanted to write in here, just so the writing part of the blog deal isn’t abandoned!!!  (and to clear those notes off my desk)

One morning while driving along the flats that separate Monroe, WA from Snohomish, WA the morning mist was so ethereal, I was taken back at the beauty of it all….and how I was rushing around to a job that has lost most of any enjoyment I once had there.  There was frost that morning as well…one of the last frosts of the winter I think, and the whole earth looked still and sweet and somewhat magical too.  I seemed to be traveling through a very dreamlike fairy tale land, the kind of land indwelled by unicorns, dragons, giants, and damsels dressed in medieval gowns are saved by dashing brave knights.  But it was actually Fords, Semi-trucks, and assortment of imports and minivans out there instead. The dreamscape was beautiful though.

Okay here is the question.  Totally unrelated to the above.  Why do we say “cross your fingers” or “I am crossing my fingers”???  We say that for good luck, but when we actually cross our fingers behind our back, we are lying to someone.  What is that all about??  I could Google it I am sure, but I thought I would ask anyway…

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