pictures again!

pictures again!

We are back and operational again with photos.  Yeah.  We had some server upgrade issues which essentially downgraded us for a couple weeks (or less)  posted a picture on the project page this morning. A challenge quilt with my online men’s quilting group.  I am really finally getting to a project that I started …uh…three years ago? I think….a king-size quilt for a guy and his wife who we used to go to church with, but that is another story.  John Doubek is his name, and he is a fabulous artist in concrete!!! He poured our back porch and stamped and stained it to look like slate!  It is incredible…well, I had promised to trade him a quilt for the labor of the work, and I had a great start on it the year that he poured the porch floor, but then the finishing of the house took me the next two years, and settling in last year took a lot out of me.  The quilt blocks sat finished, but not put together for 2 years I think…I am finally putting them together now.  I am going to have to send it out to Judy Irish to be quilted….she is one of the best quilters I know…Barb Dau is another great one if you happen to be looking for a long arm quilter…..I will post pictures of this long overdue quilt in a few days.

 Here are some little things that have been done for awhile awaiting me to figure out my mid-size quilting machine (new photo of which is loaded in the studio shots page)


two doll quilts.JPG



two doll quilts for donating to girls this Christmas (part of an ongoing program with my local quilt guild The Busy Bees Quilt Guild)

baby mystery quilt.JPG

A “mystery” quilt from my friends at Country Threads ….I made this for a baby born to years ago to a sales rep friend of mine from work…still unquilted…also waiting to be quilted on the Juki….gotta get that baby figured out!!!!



  • Connie Kelsey


    Wow, another quilting friend that lovesssss color. Your blog is the first I have ever read, a real joy to read an upbeat & fun snippet. My husband loves concrete and just finished phase one in a new tuscan themed back yard. I’ll email a photo if I remember. It takes time to complete some of our quilts. Some quilters seem to have a ‘separation anxiety’ disorder. I am overwhelmed by your tumbling block quilt. I know you are teaching a class on it but it would be good to know if it is indeed ‘over my head/skill. It is in my nature to avoid that which is unknown to me so a short demo at BZB on the quilt construction might be a great motivator. Lastly, I have a mid arm I rent hourly if you are interested in having a go at quilting on a machine, most quilters seem to have a lot of fun doing it. Hugs, Connie

    April 22, 2007 at 3:59 pm
  • John Doubek


    I am still waiting for my Quilt 😉

    October 3, 2023 at 3:28 pm

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