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Honey Do List

May 29th, 2013

So on Memorial Day, I spent most of it working on this project with and for my wife.  This closet was never finished the way I envisioned it when we built this part of the house, but Linda came up with this plan that was even better I think.For years it sat like this.

hall closet closed

And it was just full of boxes up to the ceiling.  Not very useful.  Then Linda found this little dresser free by the side of the road. Perfect for storing her doll stuff. It’s a cheap little dresser, not the prettiest, but not too bad, and much more useful. But above the dresser was still a jumbled mess.

hall closet open B4

So we figured out what spend the Lowe’s gift card (Christmas present from FIL and his wife–Thanks Bill and Cheryl) Materials for shelving and a peg board for doll chairs.

hall closet open cleaned out

hall closet with dolls 1

hall closed with dolls 3

The “kids” are happy in their new home (these are Linda’s smallest BJD’s beside the Hujoo’s we have….they can party on the shelf above perhaps.  Still need to to the pegboard on the ceiling above and the bottom “apron” of the free dresser needs to get covered up with some fabric…looks dorky all broken like that.

I have three days off this week from the DayJob, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.  The peg board is scheduled for this afternoon, Tuesday, and I will also be working on cleaning in the studio and writing up patterns…not exactly a “resting ” time, but it sure feels good to get these projects worked on!


234: Happy July 11th

July 11th, 2010

    Happy 11th of July….exactly one week after the fourth…today is my sister’s birthday, but she barely goes online ever, so I won’t say Happy Birthday here…I called her, but she was out, likely celebrating or what not….

Anyway, I thought I would just share these few pictures of our bouquet for the day.  

       It was kind of a weird fourth of July for both of us. I had to work about 4-5 hours at my DayJob and Linda had to work her 2 hours at her NightJob so we saw each other in the middle of the day, and she got home in time to watch the neighbors blow up thousands of their dollars in the air….we burned up about $51 worth of fireworks.  It was windy and rainy at times…so I wasn’t too worried about fires and such…and glad to be able to celebrate all the freedoms we have in this country!!


 The week that followed the fourth was a lot of work for me at my DayJob, as my assistant was on vacation, and we had some of that high heat that the East Coast has been dealing with for sometime now.  In a word, I am exhausted from that week.  Today was my first full day off in the past 11 days, and I slept in really late as well as a long nap this afternoon…I think I may be coming back to life soon…


Okay, totally off the subject……….

My friend Melissa has just done 30 days of Bikram Yoga and deserves your applause if you want to drop in and see her over here.  Yoga is something that I have been considering looking into for the health benefits….and that I could use the stillness and meditative time to just get closer to God.  I have been reading Melissa’s Tweets about yoga, and it has been in the forefront of my mind…I wonder if I could just do it on my own in the morning with a DVD or something….any recommendations?  I don’t really have the extra $$ for a class, but I think I could pickup a DVD to try it with….


And here I veer topics again…  want to meet my new assistants in the studio?  Okay, they aren’t really assistants, but they did cost a bit of money, and they will be showing up here in the blog from time to time…..AND they will be the topic of an upcoming contest here at the Blue Nickel ….complete with a panel of guest judges….I am so excited for this contest because the following  fine ladies have agreed to be on the panel…Mary Abreu, Jennifer Davis, and Patty Young…..

okay, so do you want to meet these “assistants” ??

Here they are in their un-made up state fresh out of the box….please welcome the Blue Nickel Studio Prop Girls…. 


Stay tuned for their new looks when they get Linda‘s wonderful doll-makeovers, the whole rest of their story, and the scoop on the contest…..

So besides feeling wiped out for a week, I am working on a wall quilt for a magazine with Laura Gunn’s   Poppies line and a doll quilt for the Doll Quilt Swap No. 9 ….and other stuff….like pretending to clean up the studio again…

Like that will happen, huh?

Anyway, I hope your summer is going great, and that you are staying creative….it’s at the core of every human being you know….Scientists may not be able to find it, but there is creativity in everyone….are you enjoying yours??

Peace out, my friends,


221: The Spirit of Easter past….like 2 weeks ago past…

April 19th, 2010

just quick pictures….before it is summer and it is really too late….a little bit of spring color, and that’s about it…

Hershey’s, Jelly Beans, Fabric, Linda’s newest little doll, a Puki, Glow in the Dark Zombies, plastic eggs…pretty typical Easter at the Hansen’s house….have a great day!


193: Guest Blogger….my girl Mimi…

October 10th, 2009

Hey there, I have had these pictures loaded for awhile for my daughter Mimi to bring you an entry about her Ball Jointed Dolls (BJDs)  You can tell these pics are old, cause well ….there are crocuses in the photos….just another shameless attempt on my part to get the number of entries in the blog up to snuff for October to make up for the sad showing in September.  You know us guys…all about the numbers…

Anyway here she is …….my Mimi!

  Lily 1 

Hey, it’s me Mimi! Really my real name is Amelia , but everyone calls me Mimi. Enough about me I’m just here to talk about the pictures.

The sweet girl with black hair is Rose, and the one with blonde hair is NekoMimi (see why I bought it?). NekoMimi translated is “Cat Girl” but NekoMimi is much more catchier! I got Rose  for Christmas, and I bought NekoMimi (it took alot of restraint for me, ’cause I’m a natural born shopper!) she was A LOT!!   Anyhoo, there called BJDs. they move just like a human and you can make them look like anything you want. They have no hair so you buy wigs, and eyes, etc.  Just by putting on a different wig and eyes she (or he) can look totally different! I love them!!  

 nikko mimi 3 NekoMimi in this picture is suppossed to look like a ghost but, that pic really isn’t that good.

(she’ll haunt you and meow next to your bed….oh scary! hehehe just in time for halloween! good scare huh? hehe)

lily closeup2   

Well, g’bye!

128: The Glorious Joy of Autumn

October 26th, 2008

Here is a new format…Tell me what you think…These are some random shots around Shiloah Cottage (our home)  The doll towards the bottom is Linda’s new love (besides me of course)..On each photo, if you click on a photo you get a slightly bigger picture, then click on it again, and you get a really good picture.   

126: More Phabulous Photos Not Many Words

October 19th, 2008

I teach a class today from Sara’s New Book…I am always somewhat nervous when I teach these classes….I am going to give a little review sheet to my students today at the end, so I get a better feel for what they like and don’t like about my teaching style.  I am pretty laid back, and I am not exactly sure what I am TEACHING them.  But I have a full class, and I have the same class at a different place in two weeks.  Hopefully these forms I hand out will help ME learn something too.

With the old camera,  This is supposed to be Cranberry Lake….do you see a lake?  We didn’t either! Our Mimi was TOTALLY disappointed, our “long” hike took us to this so-called lake.

New Camera…photos around the studio and house…and yes we have a couple little Christmas trees year is a REAL feather tree that Linda made from a kit back in the 90’s   she made most of these ornaments too…dust? what dust?

  I had this red lantern since I was about 10 or 12.  My Aunt Marilyn gave it to me…I have no idea why, but I always liked it.

               Time to save was my mom’s piggy bank in the late 1930’s, early 40’s….I love it SO MUCH!!

  Linda made these for me as gifts, cute, huh?  The shelf was from my Grandma’s house. I love those early mid 20th century shelves!

  My best bear Ted…He is 41 years old.  What a trouper…3rd set of eyes I think (My little brother trashed him for awhile) Oh, and Ted has had a nose job (or two)…. 

Mimi made this little tweet    

Linda made this, I helped a little      She is going to be in the Secrets of the Gypsy Doll challenge down at Houston next week….Look for her…she is about 2 feet tall!

  Last of the Rugosas

  I was awarded this awhile back…figured I should put it here for, but I was supposed to link to a bunch of other sites and pass the blessing on…ya know what I just don’t have the time for that.  I have added some links to the right and I have often linked in the bodies of my posts….I think that will suffice.   I got this awhile back, and I THINK it came from Sandi, so thank you Sandi, and I appreciate the thought.  It does make me feel like someone out there is here with me…  :) 

And one last picture for today….there were way more words than I thought there would be….But this picture Linda is posting on her site soon….this picture with my our new camera has got me spellbound.  This is Linda’s newest purchase and current favorite toy…..     I think I am in love!  Are you?

Me, with not many words…yeah right!

125: shutter-crazed

October 18th, 2008

Pictures only….limited words….wonderful new camera!     


Kaffe stash   sweet stuff  

 grandma’s dishes  


Looking for Mr. Claus           

             Pretty busy, huh?   shopping in Tokoyo

 Shopping in Russia 

Old camera..old corner of studio:  

New camera new version of same corner:       Enough for now…even better pictures tomorrow…I know, I know, I need to be sewing!