126: More Phabulous Photos Not Many Words

126: More Phabulous Photos Not Many Words

I teach a class today from Sara’s New Book…I am always somewhat nervous when I teach these classes….I am going to give a little review sheet to my students today at the end, so I get a better feel for what they like and don’t like about my teaching style.  I am pretty laid back, and I am not exactly sure what I am TEACHING them.  But I have a full class, and I have the same class at a different place in two weeks.  Hopefully these forms I hand out will help ME learn something too.

With the old camera,  This is supposed to be Cranberry Lake….do you see a lake?  We didn’t either! Our Mimi was TOTALLY disappointed, our “long” hike took us to this so-called lake.

New Camera…photos around the studio and house…and yes we have a couple little Christmas trees year round..one is a REAL feather tree that Linda made from a kit back in the 90’s   she made most of these ornaments too…dust? what dust?

  I had this red lantern since I was about 10 or 12.  My Aunt Marilyn gave it to me…I have no idea why, but I always liked it.

               Time to save was my mom’s piggy bank in the late 1930’s, early 40’s….I love it SO MUCH!!

  Linda made these for me as gifts, cute, huh?  The shelf was from my Grandma’s house. I love those early mid 20th century shelves!

  My best bear Ted…He is 41 years old.  What a trouper…3rd set of eyes I think (My little brother trashed him for awhile) Oh, and Ted has had a nose job (or two)…. 

Mimi made this little tweet    

Linda made this, I helped a little      She is going to be in the Secrets of the Gypsy Doll challenge down at Houston next week….Look for her…she is about 2 feet tall!

  Last of the Rugosas

  I was awarded this awhile back…figured I should put it here for, but I was supposed to link to a bunch of other sites and pass the blessing on…ya know what I just don’t have the time for that.  I have added some links to the right and I have often linked in the bodies of my posts….I think that will suffice.   I got this awhile back, and I THINK it came from Sandi, so thank you Sandi, and I appreciate the thought.  It does make me feel like someone out there is here with me…  🙂 

And one last picture for today….there were way more words than I thought there would be….But this picture Linda is posting on her site soon….this picture with my our new camera has got me spellbound.  This is Linda’s newest purchase and current favorite toy…..     I think I am in love!  Are you?

Me, with not many words…yeah right!

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  • Wow, Scott that new camera takes great pictures! Keep taking photos for there is inspiration in each one to someone out there – me included. I didn’t send you the Brillante Weblog award but I did send one called Kreative Blogger so I am not the only one out here who is along with you!! 🙂 I have a shelf from my grandma that reminds me of the one in the pic above. Mine is stained and one day I’m going to post a story about it. I’ve got so many ideas for things to post about and so many ideas for projects in my head and scattered all about my sewing room that I will never run out of things to do! I’ll bet the same is true for you and Linda. That photo of the Rugosas is absolutely gorgeous. It needs to be enlarged and framed. Seriously.

    October 19, 2008 at 10:30 am

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