Honey Do List

Honey Do List

So on Memorial Day, I spent most of it working on this project with and for my wife.  This closet was never finished the way I envisioned it when we built this part of the house, but Linda came up with this plan that was even better I think.For years it sat like this.

hall closet closed

And it was just full of boxes up to the ceiling.  Not very useful.  Then Linda found this little dresser free by the side of the road. Perfect for storing her doll stuff. It’s a cheap little dresser, not the prettiest, but not too bad, and much more useful. But above the dresser was still a jumbled mess.

hall closet open B4

So we figured out what spend the Lowe’s gift card (Christmas present from FIL and his wife–Thanks Bill and Cheryl) Materials for shelving and a peg board for doll chairs.

hall closet open cleaned out

hall closet with dolls 1

hall closed with dolls 3

The “kids” are happy in their new home (these are Linda’s smallest BJD’s beside the Hujoo’s we have….they can party on the shelf above perhaps.  Still need to to the pegboard on the ceiling above and the bottom “apron” of the free dresser needs to get covered up with some fabric…looks dorky all broken like that.

I have three days off this week from the DayJob, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.  The peg board is scheduled for this afternoon, Tuesday, and I will also be working on cleaning in the studio and writing up patterns…not exactly a “resting ” time, but it sure feels good to get these projects worked on!


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