Watch It Wednesday!

December 7th, 2011

My daughter showed me this video last Christmas.  She was all a gaga over the romance part of it, and I think she liked the cartoon aspect.  I like Reliant K and I found the humor bits amusing.   Simple, light,  and silly….here is today’s Watch It Wednesday…..

Santa does get kinda cranky with some major angry eyebrows…...... and although there is no actual “video” with this next…check out Reliant K’s ROCKING 12 Days of Christmas!

Watch It Wednesday!

November 30th, 2011

trust me this video by Mika will have you dancing in seconds…...

what I so love about this video besides the dancability of it all is that he is really making the point that EVERYONE is beautiful…no matter what size you are, especially no matter what the fashion industry dictates….

So be beautiful out there….and be sure to dance to the songs of life….all  of them!!

“Diet Coke and a Pizza please…”



Watch It Wednesday!

November 23rd, 2011

I barely have words for this video.   The lyrics are odd I think, but the music is so soothing and rather mesmerizing, but the video is what wows me every. single. time.

So Happy Thanksgiving Eve to you in the States that are mostly United, and a wonderful evening, afternoon, or morning to those in other parts of our spinning planet….check out my Oh Thank Cuteness! piece at Generation Q tomorrow if you get a chance…I think it may be our Friday post too because we expect peeps will be so busy tomorrow and Friday, they’d have a chance to catch it that way.


Watch It Wednesday (Thursday Edition) Steampunk Surprise!!

November 17th, 2011

Yesterday was Wednesday, but if you stopped by, you saw that Wednesday’s usually scheduled program was pre-empted by my time with the peeps at Fat Quarter Shop…..

So today you get a special version….not just a cool video with a very unique feel, but a whole lotta pics afterwards of the Steamcon Linda and I went to a few weeks ago.

The video is from Abney Park, a NW Band that is deeply entrenched in the Steampunk alternate universe.  The video is a superb vision of  Steampunkery….and thankfully not plastered with gears and goggles…..(a running topic of conversation in the community)

And here are a BUNCH of pix from our weekend in October.


This is how to wear a Utilikilt and use up old neckties at SteamCon.


And it is all about the hats, isn’t it truly?

And for this guy, it’s all about the contacts….aren’t his eyes incredible…We talked to him, and he said they can get pretty uncomfortable after awhile… but the effect is so cool, yes?


Pretty Amazing Creativity at that convention huh? And I actually have a lot more to share…so you may be getting Steampunk Two in December!!




Watch It Wednesday!

November 9th, 2011

Today’s Watch It Wednesday brings the mix of  a 50’s Sha Na Na look with Mary Poppins and Singing in the Rain.....all in one video.  What a combination, huh? That’s partly why I liked it so much!  The guys from Panic at the Disco! have another hit with me in this video “Ready To Go” .....Check it out!

Watch It Wednesday! Double Feature….

November 2nd, 2011

To be honest, I don’t even think I had heard this Madonna song until Glee did it last year, and now I just love it, but I think I like the Glee version better.  I am amazed at how well they followed the original (of course I had to go hunt down the original to see how close Glee got it….they pretty much nailed on most counts).

Wow! I just got this set up to play last week and it was fine…now I  can’t even find a version to replace it for you…sorry gang!

and here is Madonna’s. I couldn’t get the embed function to work, probably some copyright rule or something, so you have to click the link.   Madonna’s is definitely more polished and has more details of course.  And Glee skipped the French Maid bits….but they are pretty close.

So that’s today’s Watch It Wednesday.  I don’t feel very “talky” this week  (weird, I know, but a lot is going on here on the Blue Nickel stage, and I have been really introspective as well as busy lately)  I am feeling rather blue at the moment,  but don’t worry,  I’ll be fine.  God always has my back even if I don’t know it, and I am good with that!   Now on to schedule next week’s Watch It Wednesday…..oh and get some sewing done!!



Watch It Wednesday: Double Feature!!

October 26th, 2011

So how’s your Halloween costume coming?  Here are some great costume ideas!

Today’s WIW videos (yup, 2 videos,  Double Feature Bonus Day!!) features the incredibly funny and Uber-talented cast of the Online show The Guild.   Funny show,   a little potty mouthed at times, but very funny show about Gamers and yes, that is a demographic in our world these days…

and you can tell Gamers have their own language….I don’t understanding half of what they are saying…but SO FUNNY!!







Watch It Wednesday

October 19th, 2011 this is not REALLY a music video even though it looks like one…..but it is actually a commercial…I found it looking for music for the Quilt Uberfest my friends and I did earlier this month   (remember you can always go back to the Uberfest series and play along …the wonders of the internet).......and I still can’t stop laughing over this video that I found…the ending is absolutely priceless…Makes the whole video worth it, so please stick it out to the end…

If only more marketing departments were this clever….. rocks and just for a disclaimer…I don’t work for them…but I wish I did….clever people work there!!

Watch It Wednesday…..

October 12th, 2011

Hey there peeps,  Welcome  to this week’s Watch It Wednesday….yeah, I dropped the number from the post headline, I am not going to be able to keep track of which number it is over time, so why try….These pictures relate to the video today by subject matter….autumn is officially here.  And these photos have been sitting in the Blue Nickel Studios Blog drafts file since last year.  So I figured I better use them finally.


As I have said before every week will be unlike the other, I totally like to mix up my music like I mix up the fabrics.

Today’s video is by a band I love, OK GO! and this video is absolutely  amazing to me …..blows my mind every time….


And I hope you know that last week’s Uber-session of Blog posting probably won’t happen again for awhile…I hope to post some mini posts occasionally,  with maybe some painfully teasing shots of  book progress….but the next few months will be VERY busy around here on the non-blogging end…so thanks for being patient with me in advance!

Watch It Wednesday #6 Deluxe Edition!

October 4th, 2011

today’s WIWT is a Deluxe version!  and yeah…It’s Tuesday, I know..but I think it’s Wednesday Down Under by now, so this one’s for you Land of Oz.  I couldn’t wait for Wednesday this week because you not only get a very interesting video, you get some Fabricy News Info too,  that I have been dying to tell you for a few weeks now.  So I moved it up a day…

because I can….it’s my blog and I can switch days if I want to….days if I want to….oops…different song…


The pictures scattered about here are some of the inspiration behind David’s debut line….David who?  Read on, read on…..(or cheat and click on the hyperlink….I know 20% of you already did anyway)

Should I make you wonder for awhile with a bearably short story? okay,  Okay, I will…(sorry no choice here)

It started back at Quilt Market in Salt Lake City where I met the wonderful Lisa Lam.   She was so warm and friendly, we became friends over the internet since then.  She happens to design bags…..LOTS of bags, and so somewhere in BagLand she had become friends with Amy Butler, another serious Bag Lady.   Well, she was visiting Amy after Market, and then later contacted me telling me that David Butler, Amy’s husband, had this really creative project going on that was going to be fabulous. And she told him that she thought I would be a great collaborator….or something like that!  Well, we connected by email, but he wasn’t ready then to reveal anything, so all summer, I tried to not wonder exactly what this fabulous opportunity was.  Until now….David has his own line of fabric coming out this fall under his new brand Parson Gray.  The line is called Curious’s a little peek.

He and I are talking about some collaborative projects, which are still in very early stages (the sample yardage isn’t even in the States yet).  We are both looking forward to the possibilities though.

David is a very creative individual, and has a huge body of work behind him already.  I thought it would be fun to interview him in my usual silly style,  and then I thought well it would be good for him to get even more exposure than my blog, so I am teaming up with my other gig Generation Q Magazine,  and sending you there for the interview.   But you have to stay here for the video and prize….yup…prize….this is a Deluxe Edition of Watch It Wednesday Tuesday, alright?  It would only be “special” without a prize!

So by now you probably figured out Dave is also a musician….you are sooo smart!

Here is David’s group The Black Owls in “We All Fall Down”  Black Owls videos are sometimes slightly R rated in snippets, so be forewarned.  The first image starts off the humor (and deep truth) that I see in their videos with the line “Everyone is normal until you get to know them”  so very, very true, isn’t it?

What I love about this and all of the Black Owls videos are the funny little repeat sections…they make me laugh…. their music is not something I would listen to all of the time, but I like it once in awhile… Mostly I like it  because I know that David (and his band whom I don’t know) are having a great time doing what they love, and I think that is pretty wicked awesome… you know?

So there you have it David Butler,  Amy Butler’s true love, musician, artist, textile designer…and now my friend,  wow his life is so complete now, isn’t it??

Okay so you could make his life slightly more complete by liking Parson Gray on Facebook….

should we beg for comments to win a prize pack?  okay let’s….you have till October 11th to comment here.  At that time I will pick a winner, and when I get some Curious Nature, I will send you a scrap bag from the projects that I make with it, okay?  Meaning you will know that you win in October, but you may not get your prize for a month or two as the line is that new!!
To win, you need to go over to Generation Q and read the interview and then come back here and comment on something from that interview, like which of the two truths and a lie is the lie, or something like that….(and we also have a bigger sneak peek at the line over there too!!)





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