308: the Chair, the Cat, and the Porch…

August 21st, 2011

Doesn’t that sound like a good children’s book title?  Here are the main players….

First the chair…..I promised a “story” about the chair…but it’s not really much of one….I spotted this chair at the Goodwill store and thought it looked cool….and it was only $2.99!!  I left thinking “huh, that was a cool chair, would look good in pictures…could cover that hole with pillows or even take out that section of caning….” but I didn’t buy it that day…

But I kept thinking about it…only $3…..mmmm….so the next day I went back and bought it hoping it would still be there….and it was….

So now it is here on our back porch waiting for a makeover but even so….Someone….has decided she likes it just fine the way it is….

and here is another shot from the back porch…this little begonia loves the evening sun back here…

These plants I just couldn’t resist at Lowe’s recently….and yes each of the plants cost MORE than the chair…and the Blue Planter WAY MORE….


This one is called Spiderwort and is just insanely gorgeous, isn’t it?

Okay so not much of a “story” but some pretty nice shots  to brighten the day, huh?  and Bad Baby, the cat, always makes us smile around here …..


306: Recycling….Major Re-use Plan

August 14th, 2011

Old refrigerators that lay around out in your back field for years (how many I don’t know, we’ve been here 19 years, and it was out back when we got here) really don’t have much use as refrigerators….and places won’t dump them for free

..so rather than pay money we never had to throw away something that wasn’t ours…...we finally came up a solution…...okay I came up with a solution….and we finally actually DID the solution….

The digging staff…they did a super job…and they even seemed to enjoy it!!

One of the inspectors who really liked the “convenience” of all this fresh sandy soil all laid out for the “necessities”.....

From eyesore to….

to peaceful reflection….

It still needs more rocks and plantings and goldfish and maybe one of those floating solar fountains….but we are very happy with the results so far…..I really was surprised at how well it seemed to work out…

So that’s part of what we have been doing this summer….tomorrow finally the painter is making it here to get started on painting the house…I would love to show you the results of the Blue Nickel Coloring Contest...but I never received any entries…I think tomorrow may be the deadline….but we have picked the colors….just wait until you see what I came up with….Linda said she cared more about the inside looks than the outside, so I pretty much had free reign….6 colors!  I will do a post later about the process on that..

Yeah, I’m sewing still and working the DayJob and working the Cabana Boy Job too….Pretty busy around here…so if you don’t see me on Twitter or Facebook….those things might well be why…

How’s your summer winding up ….or down …as the case may be….I can’t believe Autumn is coming up so fast….



304: Tea for Two…..

July 30th, 2011

This is what I have been working on the last couple weeks, and I am so happy to say that I am done….I had started finishing this “teahouse” for Linda and Mimi last year, but when Linda broke her leg last summer, well it just fell to the wayside.  Lousy weather for most of this year just made it that much harder for me to get out there…It still needs the trim painted…likely with leftovers from the house painting we ‘re planning.  Linda wants to have Mimi paint the door with all the sample pots I have been picking out.   I am up to seven so far I think….


Linda has already improve the interior from these first shots….we hope to use it not just for a “folly” but also for photo shoots for our designs in the future…


It’s Saturday as I type….the end of my summer holiday has come too soon.  I am spending the rest of today working on my Fat Quarterly quilts that I started last winter? just for fun, writing some patterns, and then tonite out to Chinese,  and then an outdoor movie showing of Rio in the park sponsored by our church.   It’s Mimi’s Birthday today and it was Linda’s yesterday…they are headed back home from the doll museum....

Pretty  much a Blow-by-Blow of recent days…not super eloquent here today….just the events…

Hope you enjoyed the pics…I am pretty happy with the overall looks of how it came out…imperfections and all

277: And we have a Winner!!

February 7th, 2011

 Only one day behind and we have a winner of my Birthday giveaway!!  A hearty Congrats to Donna who said….

Donna D

Happy Belated Birthday, Scott! I think you are 47 this year and your favorite color is blue. Sure hope is one of your best days.

Donna did get the age right, but my favorite color is not blue, it’s red!  The Blue in Blue Nickel is an entirely different story that I have to tell in person….so get your guild to invite me to come speak and I will tell you about it!!  If you are local, I will speaking at the Puyallup Valley Quilter’s Guild on March 2nd next month.  April and May are booked already, but if you want me to come speak later in the year or in 2012, send me an email at bluenickel5 (at) earthlink (d0t) net , I would love to come visit!! 

I can’t rightly post this post without a picture of some sort, so let me give you this as a nice little filler bit…..


This picture may have already been on here months ago, but I still really like this shot!

 Alrighty then,  Donna please email me your favorite colors  and I will try to concentrate  on those colors when I cut out your fat quarters….Don’t forget to send me your mailing address too!!



260:Baking Time….

November 30th, 2010

Well, the day has finally come, I am now an “official” chef over at the Moda Bake Shop!  Here is my first recipe!  


The quilt is quilted by Kim over at Golden Needle Quilting, and I think she did a really great job.


Wish I had more time to write  in this post, but I am in a rush as most people are this time of year…..I don’t think that is a good thing, but facts are facts.  Yesterday I spent the whole day at work and then went shopping for Christmas with Linda.   The best part was that we took time to eat dinner together just the two of us.   That was very nice!!

I did want to share one more picture of a variation of this tablerunner with a completely different look.   This version isn’t quilted (due to that whole “time” issue again) and it is mostly constructed of Moda fabrics, but I couldn’t post a picture over there because the citron and white polka dots are a Michael Miller product.


It’s November 30th everyone…..Here is my wish for a very peaceful and blissful December…Don’t forget to give back and don’t get stressed out by all the activities that seem to come this time of year.  

See you next month….oh, wait that could be tomorrow…. 

Peace out,


247: Sometime you feel like….

September 19th, 2010

a nut…sometimes you don’t…..

do you remember that TV jingle?  If you do you will definitely be showing your age (like me)...I am sure that commercial just isn’t around anymore..

Anyhoo….I digress…sometimes I feel like today is well just blah….I just don’t know what I feel….does that even make sense?....I feel all lethargic, and yet I have been pretty busy….actually REALLY busy, and maybe that is what has got me feeling “blah” today…so overwhelmed, I can’t keep up.  Yeah, I think I have whined about that here before…and it’s not like it’s not my fault…I mean it really IS my fault.   I get so excited and energized by ideas and joining up with things and creating and wanting to create even more…I overcommit….I am sure none of you ever do this, do you?

So enough whining, I just need to get to the fun stuff and keep going with it. (I must confess, just writing the phrase above “creating and wanting to create even more”  got me all jazzed up about creativity again.)  Let me just share a little of what has been helping me fight back the blahness…

First a whole bunch of blocks for the Fat Quarterly Quiltalong….these first three pictures are some of the 156 blocks for the FIRST quilt I am making in that quiltalong.


And then here are the blocks from the SECOND quilt I am creating in that group….yes another 156 blocks.

   I like this project, as there is nothing really for me to think about. I just get to play and make some quilts for my boys from all the leftovers I had from the two Douglas Day line quilts I did for Free Spirit.

Then here are some sneak peeks at the first of three quilts of mine that will be in the Free Spirit booth at Quilt Market.  This is a new line of Dena Fishbein’s called Tea Garden.  So new, I can’t even give you a link yet…but here are some snippets of what I have done with it.


And one more thing to share tonight, I have a special free download pattern coming up that you can only download right here at the Blue Nickel.  It is a special project that I have done in conjunction with my friend Bari J.  I don’t think that she has announced anything yet, but I am working on the instructions for this project this week….(uh, I told Bari I was going to work on them last week..and well…uh..that didn’t exactly happen…and I don’t even have a hungry dog to blame for it either)  Here is a sneak peek at that project too.


Be sure to keep checking back here, as I still have a ton to share…2 (or3)  free download quilt patterns from May that I never got the links punched in here at the ole blog yet, more pictures from the other two Free Spirit quilts for this fall…plus news about the booking of my first public speaking engagement as an “official” quilt designer…and a whole lot more…

gosh, that sounds like it should include postage and free knives, doesn’t it??

Any way that’s what’s going on around here.  What’s going on in your neck of the woods?

Peace,  Scott

230: Winners’ Circle…

June 17th, 2010

Alrighty then, sorry it has taken me so long to get back here…my DayJob has been keeping me pretty wiped by the time I get home, plus I have a bunch of studio stuff I am trying to work on…all at the same time…

Note:  If these project were dishes I was juggling….we’d be eating on paper plates…..

Anyway….I could NOT just pick one entry for the bird stories I requested here ......and even with 4 prizes-winners that I eventually picked….there were still other wonderful little anecdotes and tales…and I truly loved reading them all…aren’t memories and stories fun??

So without further ado…...

here are the winners:

For the Main Prize…..Kelly Oletzke who talked about her Father-in-law with such love, I have re-read it a couple times, and it just warms my heart so very much….thank you for the loving picture of a great man and his love for birds.

Three runner up prizes are going to the following ladies whose entries also caught my eye…...

Ginawho also made me very sad with her story of when she was little coming to terms with the inescapability of death when she watched a bird die from being hit by her dad’s car…..I can just picture the sobbing and I really felt bad for you Gina!!

Denise who made me totally laugh out loud when she told of a “two-liner” she had heard about a mom’s love/hate relationship with birds….complete with a Ba-dum-dum for effect….

And lastly one of John’s Fly Girls whom I met at Market…. Kaye Prince shared some a beautiful poem by Emily Dickinson about a little bird…well Kaye being a librarian (if I am remembering correctly) must have remembered I was an English major in college and got me hooked in with the poetry (and no, I don’t really know or care too much if  it was supposed to be whom or who back there in that earlier sentence….I am not a copy editor!)

SO Kelly, Gina, Denise, and Kaye, please email me your snail mail addresses (to bluenickel5 (@) earthlink (dot) net…....and I will eventually get your prizes out of here into the postal system on their way to you!!  (and no, the last batch of prizes haven’t left here yet, but they are almost ready…they are in envelopes with addresses…but I want to add a note to each and whatever other little extras I can…I tend to throw little odd things in to make them not run of the mill….)

AND just so you know, I do have two more entries coming up regarding Quilt Market,  then we will be back to a more of the visual variety-pack from the world that inspires my Blue Nickel Studio Mindset. And since I don’t really want to leave you with another non-pictorial post….here is a little bit of inspiration from the studio and grounds to remind you that there is more to me than just fabric…..Not much more, but there is some….....


ALSO don’t forget….we need some more comments here  to get me drawing for those great little Anna Maria prize packs….

Later, peeps,


182: Clean and bright…

August 8th, 2009

Sounds like a line from Silent Night doesn’t it?....I couldn’t think of another title for yet another one of my laundry on the line photo shoots.   Pretty much all Free Spirit fabric I believe, and mostly Sis Boom, but I do see some Jenean Morrison in there…

These pictures were taken in early spring before the trees leafed out…It is much greener here…well mostly, as a lot of the trees have decided it is fall already and shed most if not all of their leaves.   I am hoping that they all come back next year….

This is just another one of those cleanup the computer desktop projects….hope you enjoy…I know I just love this stuff!!

sisboom laundry


161:Happy Easter! (or a bunch of flowers and one rooster)

April 12th, 2009

In case you were wondering….God didn’t cancel Spring this year…it was just a little delayed.  The first few pictures are from a few weeks ago…..      


and these are from yesterday…..      


I am so glad every year God sends a reminder that a fresh start is available every year and more importantly every day…..Here’s to your fresh start today….This last picture is photoshopped to the max, and I am really lovin’ how it came out…..


  Happy Easter everyone! 

  Bon Matin, Scott

spring finally??

April 22nd, 2008

dogwood in snow.JPG  springsnowchickenwire.JPG  mockorangebycoop.JPG  mockorangeinsnow.JPG chickentrax.JPG neighbortruch.JPG  It was a lovely Spring weekend this weekend in NW Washington state.  So much for global warming!! April 19th, 20th, and 21st we woke with snow on the ground.  I do not think I have ever seen so much snow this late.  I told the kids I should play Christmas music, and the oldest said….”Dad, what are you talking about? It never snows on Christmas Day!”  He is right, we seldom get snow then

  chicks in pen.JPG

Update on the chicks….they are getting adjusted to their new home okay….they even went into the coop on their own last night.  Gosh, they are growing up so fast, sniff, sniff…..


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