306: Recycling….Major Re-use Plan

306: Recycling….Major Re-use Plan

Old refrigerators that lay around out in your back field for years (how many I don’t know, we’ve been here 19 years, and it was out back when we got here) really don’t have much use as refrigerators….and places won’t dump them for free

..so rather than pay money we never had to throw away something that wasn’t ours……we finally came up a solution……okay I came up with a solution….and we finally actually DID the solution….

The digging staff…they did a super job…and they even seemed to enjoy it!!

One of the inspectors who really liked the “convenience” of all this fresh sandy soil all laid out for the “necessities”…..

From eyesore to….

to peaceful reflection….

It still needs more rocks and plantings and goldfish and maybe one of those floating solar fountains….but we are very happy with the results so far…..I really was surprised at how well it seemed to work out…

So that’s part of what we have been doing this summer….tomorrow finally the painter is making it here to get started on painting the house…I would love to show you the results of the Blue Nickel Coloring Contest…but I never received any entries…I think tomorrow may be the deadline….but we have picked the colors….just wait until you see what I came up with….Linda said she cared more about the inside looks than the outside, so I pretty much had free reign….6 colors!  I will do a post later about the process on that..

Yeah, I’m sewing still and working the DayJob and working the Cabana Boy Job too….Pretty busy around here…so if you don’t see me on Twitter or Facebook….those things might well be why…

How’s your summer winding up ….or down …as the case may be….I can’t believe Autumn is coming up so fast….




  • HI Scott,
    What an awesome use for that refrigerator. I am going to send my brother the link to this post. 🙂
    Seems every summer for the past few years gets busier. I ask myself how this can be, but it’s true. Grandson, Jacob was here this past weekend and we usually do some craft together. He was suffering from a cold, so he picked fabrics, I sewed and he went home with two projects. I love having him come to visit. Just wish he wasn’t growing up so fast as he’s my only grandchild!
    I am looking forward to autumn. It’s the season that just makes me smile. I love the cool, crisp air of fall, the beautiful leaves, apples, pumpkins, you name it. I have a long project list that begins in September and I hope to finish several of them over the usual long Minnesota winter.
    Guess I should get to writing my own blogpost……………

    August 14, 2011 at 8:19 pm
  • patti


    I love what you guys are doing with the old fridge! I hope you are paying the Digging Staff well as they are doing a great Job… Just wanted to let you know my goodies arrived in Singapore today and I LOVE each little thing that came in it. Scott, I thank you ever so much for this giveaway! Can’t wait to see the Painted Cottage. Patti

    August 17, 2011 at 10:33 pm
  • Okay Scott, that’s just brilliant!! I can’t wait to see the finished product (do goldfish survive the winter?). Your kids are too cute and look like they’re actually enjoying themselves. Your tortie calico looks just like mine (is she as mean?).

    September 10, 2011 at 12:03 pm

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