308: the Chair, the Cat, and the Porch…

308: the Chair, the Cat, and the Porch…

Doesn’t that sound like a good children’s book title?  Here are the main players….

First the chair…..I promised a “story” about the chair…but it’s not really much of one….I spotted this chair at the Goodwill store and thought it looked cool….and it was only $2.99!!  I left thinking “huh, that was a cool chair, would look good in pictures…could cover that hole with pillows or even take out that section of caning….” but I didn’t buy it that day…

But I kept thinking about it…only $3…..mmmm….so the next day I went back and bought it hoping it would still be there….and it was….

So now it is here on our back porch waiting for a makeover but even so….Someone….has decided she likes it just fine the way it is….

and here is another shot from the back porch…this little begonia loves the evening sun back here…

These plants I just couldn’t resist at Lowe’s recently….and yes each of the plants cost MORE than the chair…and the Blue Planter WAY MORE….


This one is called Spiderwort and is just insanely gorgeous, isn’t it?

Okay so not much of a “story” but some pretty nice shots  to brighten the day, huh?  and Bad Baby, the cat, always makes us smile around here …..


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  • Cats do have their ways to make us smile- Our cat Mars keeps us entertained most days. When she was younger she would flush the toilet and watch the water go down. We finally found a way to stop her by getting a new toilet that sheY has not figured out how to flush.. She has a treat jar that we will find head in munching away if we neglect to close the jar clasp. She has many sleeping spots and I am sure would love your new chair- it looks like a very comfortable one- I love those tub like chairs they are perfect for my body shape…LOL
    That cobalt blue plant is such a rich color- I am thrilled when I find fabric that color to use in a quilt.
    My husband and I are off to visit the Andy Warhol show at the Art gallery this afternoon.
    Have a great Sunday..

    August 21, 2011 at 10:42 am

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