Melanie Testa’s Meadowlark Blog Hop

June 12th, 2014

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Happy to say that the wonderful Melanie Testa has a new line of fabric, Meadowlark, her first ever with Windham fabrics.
I first met Melanie Testa in person at Quilt Market last fall in Houston at the Generation Q booth. I had known her on Facebook, but it was one of those Facebook “industry” friends who you know …but mostly because you like the same things, and you don’t necessarily know them all that well. I knew her name from the many issues of Quilting Arts we used to get when Linda was more into that sort of thing.  I have always considered Melanie sort of  “famous” in the quilt world….at least the art quilt world.  It was so nice to meet in person. Well that’s when she told me she had this line coming out. So I was excited to finally see it.  There are so many computer generated designs out there, it is nice to see this one that comes straight from the art.
And then Melanie asked me to be part of the blog hop.  So happy to be a part of this hop. I haven’t had much chance to play with the fabric yet, so you will see more projects with this line worked into it, but for now, I bring you more of Monica’s bags.
I also made this little wallet designed by my friend Valori. It took what seemed forever to get it out the little hole you have to turn it out from. I thought I was never going to get it out. But it came out pretty good.
I still haven’t top-stitched it yet, but I think these would make nice little presents…Go get your pattern today (the pattern is super cheap!!), and tell them Scott at the Blue Nickel sent ya!
Here’s a fun video that Melanie made at Market with everybody getting to use the dye and stamps she used for this line of fabric.
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Melanie even let me keep my block of fabric while I was at Market:
To win your very own Meadowlark Stack of 10″ squares  just leave a comment here by (noon PST) JUNE 15, 2014.
Melly is also giving away 3 copies of her fabulous book “Dreaming from the Journal Page”, for even more inspiration.
 One will be given away on her blog and
the other two will be given away at the end of the Blog Hop. You have to leave a post here to have a chance to win.

Melly – June 2
Vivien Zepf – June 2
Chrissie D – June 3
Sue Bleiweiss – June 4
Leslie Tucker Jenison  June 5
Jamie Fingal – June 6
Lyric Kinard – June 7
Jen Eskridge – June 8
Jacqui Holmes Calhoun – June 8  (guesting over at Melanie’s Blog)
Stephanie Forsyth – June 9
Victoria Findlay Wolfe – June 10
Teri Lucas – June 11
Scott Hansen June 12 — You’re here now!
Helen Eckard – June 12 (guesting over at Melanie’s Blog)

73 Responses to “Melanie Testa’s Meadowlark Blog Hop”

  1. Gill says:

    I love Melly’s new fabric line – especially the dots!!

  2. CathyG says:

    Love the fabrics! The bags are so cute too!

  3. Marsha says:

    Love Melly’s fabric…and I love the little wallet you made too

  4. Lin Tarrant says:

    These fabrics are just so gorgeous and I love your little bags. Thank you for doing this hop.

  5. Susan Dunne-Lederhaas says:

    This is fun to see small item s made from Melly’s fabrics, very cool!

  6. Vicki H says:

    Love the collection of fabrics. Great bags and I love the Little Wallet.

  7. Sandy K says:

    The Little Wallet turn our great. I love the vine print.

  8. Kat Scott says:

    The wallet you made is very nice… and Melanie’s fabric is fantastic! Would love to get my hands on some :). I already have her book and enjoy it immensely!

  9. Jean says:

    Ive never made it to the end of a bloghop before. Patting myself on the back, it was worth it.

  10. Kathy Heacock says:

    I love these little pieces — this fabric line with all its color and detail is perfect for ‘smalls’!

  11. Cecilia says:

    This is such a great line. I love the dots and leaves. Your bags are adorable and the wallet turned out great. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway.

  12. Julie in WA says:

    Thanks for sharing! The video is really great…Melanie has personality like no other! I love to see her ‘live’! And that personality translates right into her fabric line…

  13. Sarah says:

    Very cute little wallets and bags. What are you planning on doing with the myriads of little bags you’ve been making? :)

  14. This is great looking fabric, and I sure would love to get my hands on some of it! Thanks for participating!

  15. Linda B says:

    Thank you for doing the blog hop. Fantastic fabrics & perfect small gifts/ favors.

  16. Jeannie says:

    Thanks so much for the chance to throw my name into the old random generator for some of Melly’s fabrics. I am so excited to see this line in person. Your wallet is a great idea for Christmas gift cards. (How are things on the wet side? I am in SE Washington, but I grew up near Snohomish (Machias) and used to work summers with my Gram at Cravens.) Have a fabulous weekend!

  17. melissa says:

    Dreamy prints. Love those birds.

  18. Sandy says:

    Love the little basket / bags! I love this fabric.

  19. Quilting Tangent says:

    Pretty group of fabrics.

  20. patty says:

    Those little bags are so cute! This fabric line is so interesting and fun!

  21. Laura Lea says:

    What I love about Melanie’s new fabric line is the variation of scale and pattern with colors so well chosen that they instantly have projects pop into your mind as you look at them. I have a kitchen window that is in need of a curtain. I also have a table that would look lovely in a table runner with my Turquoise pitcher full of flowers centered upon it. Certainly I will be one of the first in line to buy her fabrics. I can make granddaughter gifts with those lovely colored polka dots as well as things for my home. What a wonderful line of fabric. I’ve watched Melanie for years and have made my own craft foam stamps and made marks on paper with her challenge. She’s an exceptional artist and above all a very generous teacher. For all she’s given out to the world I hope it flows back to her doubled! I love the little bags you made and that wallet is wonderful. I’m so excited about his line of fabric that I grin every time I see it!

  22. Sue says:

    Glad to see you on the blogggggg hopppppp,I lov
    Your little baskets

  23. Holly McLean says:

    I love that vine print! When I see the whole together though I would be hard pressed to choose.
    Your projects give me ideas for little gifts that could be made with the line. It’s perfect.

  24. KRISTIN MCKee says:

    Can’t wait to play with these fabrics!

  25. Diane Miller says:

    I love Melly’s new vibrant fabric line, and it’s interesting to see how each blogger responds to the fabric.

    The vine design is calling my name – loudly and clearly. There always seem to be a loud mouth in the group, doesn’t there? LOL

    All of the patterns are wonderful, and I do hope my name will be selected.


  26. Rhonda Davis says:

    This blog hop has been such fun! All the wonderful projects made with Melly’s gorgeous fabrics…endless inspiration!

  27. Mara says:

    Such fun fabrics, I would love to see more of the shoes one, can’t wait till it comes out.

  28. Loretta says:

    Love the Monica bags you made with Melanie’s beautiful fabric line.

  29. Barbara Fox says:

    Thank you Scott, for sharing the items you made out of Melanie’s new fabric line. The little bags are so charming in her fabrics–love them. And the wallet was also a great choice. You liked the same thing about her fabrics that I did; the designs are from her original art, totally none-computer made. I can’t wait for October to roll around so I can pick up some of Melanie’s new fabrics.

  30. Allison Evrard says:

    Great fabric and such cute bags!

  31. Linda Hall says:

    The fabrics are gorgeous. I love the tiny bags.

  32. Anne-Marie B. says:

    I love this blog hop! My favourite fabric from this collection is the ones with dots. Tank you for the opportunity to win! I love the little bags you made!

  33. audrey says:

    Wow, this would be fun to play with. Great wallet!

  34. Pam Sherman says:

    Your projects are wonderful. When I get ahold of Melani’s fabric I won’t know where to begin!

  35. Michele T says:

    I have really been enjoying this hop featuring Meadowlark, its been fun to see all the creative ideas and your little bags and wallet are so sweet!

  36. Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau says:

    I love how these fabrics lend themselves to small and not small projects!

  37. What adorable little bags!! The more I see of Melly’s fabric the more I love it!

  38. Lisa Marie says:

    This is such a gorgeous fabric line!

  39. CathyG says:

    Love her fabrics. So cheery and happy!

  40. Debbie M says:

    Been loving all these chances to see these wonderful fabrics on all the blogs in the hop. My favorites are the one with the dots and the one with the red squares.

  41. Your little bags are so fun and the fabrics work beautifully with them. The fabrics are beautiful and would be so fun to work with.


  42. Heather says:

    that fabric is terrific. The bags you made from it are the cutest.

  43. Joyce Carter says:

    I really like these fabrics. They are so gorgeous. Thank you for the chance to win.
    The wallet is so cute. You did a great job making it. I love all the bags,too. What do you have planned for them–ummm, maybe a giveaway? A girl can dream, can’t she?

  44. Denise Spillane says:

    Love these fabrics and projects. Thank you.

  45. Such wonderful, cheerful fabrics!! Thanks for the opportunity to win some!

  46. Alexis says:

    Love seeing new fabrics and what you do with them!

  47. Maeve Binder says:

    I really love Mellie’s new line of fabrics! So much color and great designs! I want some!! And I’d love to have her book too! Thanks for the giveaway. Love the little wallet purse shown in the blog post.

  48. Ashley says:

    Love the fabrics, thanks for the chance!

  49. Patty says:

    Very cute fabric. I love to see something different and challenge myself to find the perfect pattern for it.

  50. Carolyn says:

    Melanie’s fabrics are really growing me. Love that they are real! Love this blog hop!

  51. Judy says:

    Beautiful fabric! Monicas’s bags would make great gift bags for tiny gifts and I always love the fabric wallets when I am carrying a small purse as they take up so little room and carry all the essentials that I need.

  52. Tess says:

    Wow the time has flown by. It has been nice to see all of the blogs and to get to know Melly and her friends. Thank you for sharing! Beautiful.

  53. Chris says:

    Adorable bags. Would make wonderful party gifts. I love this fabric, especially the dots.

  54. Pam S says:

    These fabrics are amazingly beautiful and so are your creations with them. I agree with you – the baskets and wallet would make wonderful gifts. Thanks for sharing!

  55. Delaine says:

    Wow – I love the baskets you made and I really love the little wallet! This fabric is so versatile. Thanks!

  56. MaryBeth says:

    Thanks for the chance to win

  57. Paula K. says:

    Love the fabrics, finished products and the colors. The bags are so cute. Good job

  58. Mary Ann says:

    That wallet is neat. and I love the bags. What’s not to love about Melly’s fabric

  59. Shelley says:

    I love PURPLE! I also love the distressed look of these fabrics.

  60. Kelly Wilson says:

    I love all the fun projects I’ve seen on this blog hop. Her colors are great! Thanks for the opportunity!

  61. Donna Gies says:

    Oh! I LOVE these fabrics! Thank you so much for the chance to win some.

  62. Diane says:

    Great use of Melly’s gorgeous fabric!

  63. Leanne Clare says:

    Lovely fabrics! I especially like the shoes and dots!

  64. sally dixon says:

    Love these fabrics! Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. Connie Akers says:

    Would love to use this lovely fabric. Pick me

  66. Donna Funnell says:

    Love Melanie’s fabric!

  67. Helen says:

    I especially like Melanie’s purples and teals!

  68. Ann Hudson says:

    It’s soooo hard having to wait for this fabric to hit the stores – hope I win a bundle, I’m ready to play! 😀 A copy of Melly’s book would be fab, have her others and they are so inspirational!

  69. Barb in MI says:

    Love the fabric – and you wallet. Had to turn out some stuff myself lately and it can be cumbersome… Thanks so much!

  70. KarenH says:

    I love these fabrics – very dreamy!

  71. Sherry VF says:

    I love the soft design lines in Meadowlark!

  72. Julie says:

    I like it!! Thanks for the give away!!

  73. Janie says:

    Love the hues of purple! Thanks for your projects. Thanks for the giveaway.

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