Lilla and Aria

Lilla and Aria

Here’s more catching up with Happy Mail fabric that came into the studio in Late February this year (it can’t be mid May already can it??) Jinksies!

Crystal over at Windham Fabrics sent these fun little charm packs of  Lilla by Lotta Jansdotter and Aria by Kelly Ventura — they go SO WELL together don’t they??

I am always a bit stymied by pre-cuts. They are so pretty on their own – but I usually use different odd sizes for almost all of my patterns, so pre-cuts have never been my bag. But they are fun to experiment with, right?

Hard to tell exactly which are which, aren’t they? I mean you CAN tell, but they coordinate so well, the fact that they are different lines is barely noticeable!

I envision doing something with them in Half Square Triangles and Squares with some solid Greys and Light Blues.

And I have thought of doing something like John AdamsPacific Crest quilt but I didn’t want to do the exact same thing.

Here they are on the design wall just playing around. Apologies for the dark photo edges!  And there’s a little bit of Dreamer by Carrie Bloomston in the bottom of the photo. That is for another post!!

Another vision I have for these is  a split/broken Ohio Star block. I will keep messing around with it and let you know.

I have some other fabric lines from this late winter/early spring that have been brewing here for a couple months, and I need to get posts about them up here within the next few days — BECAUSE next week I am off to Spring Quilt  Market and there will be a whole new crop of lines to play with!! Yeah, I KNOW that is a run-on sentence! Sometimes you just have to get it all out at once!  🙂

Also next week be sure to check my Instagram Feed at @bluenickelstudios AND @52quilters  because I am Quilter of the Week over there!! I have been waiting forever to be one of the featured quilters there! So happy it is during such a Great Week with My Tribe!

That’s it for today peeps! I have a FREAKING TON of stuff to do still before I leave!

Keep Sewing, Keep Happy,




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