Manly Sewing Day!

Manly Sewing Day!

Today’s post is all designed by guys.
I am using fabrics designed by the Kaffe Fassett group which consists of Kaffe, Brandon, and Philip.

These are the prints from their Fall 2016 Collection that Free Spirit Fabrics sent me to play with.

And my Brother from another mother, Mr. Man Sewing himself, Rob Appell, sent me his Burst Template to experiment with.

I really found that my Olfa Rotating Mat was so helpful when I used it with Rob’s Template! Sometimes the rotating mat is more hassle than it’s worth, but for this block, it was awesome! I could rotate the cutting board and leave the Template right where it was. Made cutting both triangles in the photo below easy peasy, as well as all of the subsequent cuts.

Looks like you can get one of those Rotating Mats at Connecting Threads for 30% off until Feb 6th. That’s a pretty good deal!!

I am making my Burst Quilt much “blendier”  than Rob’s original. His has a real tribal feel to it. Mine is going to be meshed together colors as seen in the 16 blocks below and the four green blocks at the beginning of this post. I still have to work on the cobalt blue blocks and then figure out exactly how they are going to flow together. I don’t know if you can tell, but I am trying to make the blocks bleed into each other.  I will keep posting progress over on my Instagram feed.

You really should check out this video for some great tips on using the Template. His directions are here, but it helps to watch the video. In fact, I still missed something until my 20th block. Finally figured out that I needed to keep the tip of the template on the edge of the “wedge” starting piece. I am not too concerned as this is so “blendy” I am not really worried about points matching up.

Texted with Rob this morning, and he is playing with some “half burst” ideas that look cool. I am thinking about what variations I can do by combining different sizes and variations too. I think this one template definitely has more than one block in it!

You can order similar Kaffe Fat Quarter Bundles over at the Fat Quarter Shop.

That’s it for today, and maybe this week. I am working on two other fun posts that I hope to get up next week for you!!

Keep Sewing, Keep Happy,



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  • Karen Paki


    Just love what you have made out the fabric the ruler looks like it could have been made for it

    February 11, 2017 at 3:03 pm

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