– – Cool Cats by Yours Truly – – – True Colors by Heather Bailey

– – Cool Cats by Yours Truly – – – True Colors by Heather Bailey

More than a few weeks back, my friend Heather Bailey contacted me and wanted to know if I wanted to play with her second batch of True Colors that she designed for Free Spirit Fabrics.
How could I refuse? I thought they would be great to play with and make some of my stylized Cool Cat blocks from the Patchwork Almanac project I have been working on for Generation Q Magazine this year. Directions for the block are in the Spring 2016 issue.


I have very mixed feelings about my Cool Cat block. When I designed it, I thought it looked a lot like our cats (well our cats do come in more classic cat colors)  but I have had a lot of people, my wife included, tilt their heads and look long and hard to see a cat in these blocks.  Since then, I have been observing our cats more closely lately as well as some other well designed cat quilt blocks out there and realized that this cat has a narrower face and chin than other cat blocks…..and kind of sits like a rabbit….and people don’t get the hard edges of the tail …..


So maybe this cat is a Siamese cat? Or….wait for it….. and Egyptian Cotton Cat…. Oh, I do crack myself up. Anyway, here are three versions of my Cool Cat, for better or worse, in some of Heather’s True Colors prints. (I still think it is obviously a cat!)








And just for your viewing pleasure, some piled high shots of some of the line of Heather’s Second wave of True Colors. I have a hard time picking my favorite print.





Also, Heather and I are talking about doing some even better collaborating down the road, so keep an eye out this fall for more good things to come!




That’s it for today! I can’t believe I didn’t post anything in June. Well, actually I can. Let’s see if I can get some time to write another post to tell you what happened in June so I can explain why I didn’t get anything written in here!   Or you can go check out my Intstagram or Facebook feeds to see that I did do some stuff at least!


Keep Sewing, Keep Happy,



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  • Patty


    Your cays do look a little Egyptian, but they are still cute. My favorite fabric is the green in the upper right corner,

    July 23, 2016 at 10:45 am

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