No-Sew Renaissance Ribbon Project!

No-Sew Renaissance Ribbon Project!


Hey there peeps, here’s a fun project that I started last fall and finally got back to a couple weeks ago when my sewing machine was at the  spa. I had this old daytimer/journal from the 90’s that I wanted to “masculinize” up a bit. I love roses, but not on my journal. Also there was this boring little pad holder that I wanted to “decorate”. And I had all of these wonderful ribbons from Renaissance Ribbons to play with.

Enter in the Xyron “create-a-sticker” tool that Linda gave me years ago for journaling and creating with. It takes everyday paper images and makes stickers out of them. When I first got it, I had the best time making stickers out of magazine pix and stamps to use in my creative journaling. But it had gotten lost in the studio (imagine that!!). I unearthed it last year during that first big clean, and thought, “hey, this might work with the Ribbons!”


It worked pretty well. I think the adhesive was a bit old, so it didn’t work super well, but I also don’t think it was made for the thickness of the ribbons either. Overall it was fine.


The edges of the ribbon are a bit frayed too,  I couldn’t think of a simple way to stop that….Okay,  Fray-check would have worked, but I didn’t have any, and I just wanted to get it done fast.  I don’t mind the frayed edges, I think they give the book and pad a great Blue Nickel Urban Folk patina.


And after thinking about it, these ribbons would look good on a sewn book cover where you could do some sort of normal binding on the edges to cover the fraying up. I have some blank books, maybe I should do that next……AFTER all of the Quilt Market and Sisters  Quilters’ Affair stuff I am up to my eyeballs in right now.

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