Against the Grain…..

Against the Grain…..

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Happy April Fool’s Day! It is believed that April Fool’s Day resulted from the calendar change in 1582. Until this time, the new year was celebrated on April 1st. Some refused to accept the new calendar and continued to celebrate the new year on April 1st. The general population made these people the butt of their practical jokes and labeled them as ‘fools’. Reflect on a time when you have been stubborn and/or went against the grain of the general population.

Now this topic from the FOLK Journal Challenge hits home big time.  I have hardly EVER followed the grain of the general population. If you ask me much about anything “pop” culture-ish, I can pretty much assure you that I really don’t know much about it.  Particularly “GUY”  pop culture!!  I know very little about which teams are playing who in sports.  I know a little bit about cars, but only because my dad loved tinkering with engines and if I was going to spend anytime with him it was while he was doing that.

I don’t watch much of anything on TV…in fact a few years ago, we dropped all Cable service and went straight to Netflix haven’t missed a thing.  The only reason I even got hooked on “TV” shows like Glee or Downton Abbey was because my quilting friends were all talking about them….and Glee has jumped the shark a long time ago for me!

And the pop culture stuff that I do like are really odd things like this or this….and yes, we LOVE going to the thrift store rather than the mall (although, I do like to check out Anthropologie every once in awhile!) !

I am not entirely off the grid of course, but I really prefer things that are not of  a general nature.  I would rather see Les Miserables than Terminator VII.  I would rather watch some off beat British Sitcom like Black Books than Friends.

And Linda and I often discuss how we don’t fit in with art “artistic” crowd or “Christian” crowds very well….because those two parts of our life seem diametrically opposed sometimes. It is hard to be both…..

Since we are already into a new week even though I started this post last week with more to say (see below) I am going to cut this post shorter than I originally intended.  I have got a lot to do this month! (also see below)…..

See ya later, alligators,


P.S. I had this post started and already to go before Easter….and then this happened Easter evening….

water heater.....

okay, well you can’t see much from my Instagram shot here, but we discovered that our hot water heater had started leaking into our living room….so we spent most of the first part of last week moving stuff and messing with this….and in the second half of last week, Quilt Market projects started rolling in and getting discussed….Two (at least) for Free Spirit, one for Michael Miller, and one for Cloud 9….stay tuned….


  • Kat Scott


    “And Linda and I often discuss how we don’t fit in with art “artistic” crowd or “Christian” crowds very well….because those two parts of our life seem diametrically opposed sometimes. It is hard to be both…”

    Not so much hard to BE both as to find a spiritual and/or artistic community that respects and values both/all aspects of who you are. I feel very fortunate that I found MCCGSL. Keep plugging… it is possible!

    April 8, 2013 at 3:02 pm
  • Always enjoy reading your story posts Scott. I learned something new tonight . . . had no idea what “jumping the shark” meant. Now my whole family knows. Thanks for bringing me into the loop. : )

    April 8, 2013 at 7:01 pm

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