inspiration….it’s literally EVERWHERE!!

inspiration….it’s literally EVERWHERE!!

I know, I know….I haven’t been posting like I had hoped to this year! These FOLK journal prompts at least help push me to get one up a week, but I’d rather do more.  The GOOD news is that I HAVE been sewing and designing more…..and actually doing a little yard work also (don’t think I’ve been out there at all since last June??)

This week’s FOLK prompt is about inspiration…. (okay technically last week….but they were late too, okay already?) 🙂

Inspiration is available everywhere we look. Flip through some magazines, cook books, or an encyclopedia. Reflect on the images and/or words that catch your attention.

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I do look at a lot of magazines for inspiration…a lot! Although I stopped looking at Quilt Magazines awhile back so that I can say that my designs are fresh and my own. I don’t want to “copy” anyone else’s designs, even though sometimes quilts can look very similar just because there are some basic blocks that designers make, that can indeed look very much like other designers.

I am actually working on a class concept incorporating magazine covers as the design starting point for quilts.  These are the covers of the two magazines that really drew me into this idea:

life beautiful cover blue and white Victoria cover

Being on a magazine staff now myself,  I have more of an appreciation for all the thought that goes into the cover of a magazine.  There are many opinions and in the end the one is thought to sell the most copies is the one that goes.  But composition is also very important in attracting people in general.  I love both of these covers for many reasons and I am excited to be working on the quilts that will go with these covers for my class offerings coming up.

But truly inspiration is everywhere, not just in magazines, right? Check out this print from Valori Wells‘ line Novella:

valori tree fabric

I have been fascinated with this print, and I have an idea for a quilt that is still morphing. I can hardly wait to get started on it! (there are SO MANY Things that I can hardly wait to start on! Do you have this terrible problem too??)

If you follow me on Instagram, you can see even faster updates on everyday things that inspire me (or my facebook page  is good too, most of my Instagram shots go there too…  Speaking of everyday inspiration, you should check out this photo by my friend Heather Jones….talk about unusual places to find inspiration! I met Heather in person last year in Kansas City at Spring Quilt Market, and we have fallen into a great little friendship I think.  I feel a kindred spirit with her in how she views the world….She “gets” everyday inspiration.  Not a lot of people do.

And here’s some more inspiration that has come my way from the fabric companies.  From Westminster the latest Ty Pennington (fall 2012) that is going to become a project for free somewhere online…not sure where yet…stay tuned on that one:

Ty Penn fall 2012

And here are some new and not quite new lines from In The Beginning Fabrics that I am going to be playing with soon…Some, I know will go into the book project, and others will be in various projects…


What’s inspiring you this week??

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  • Jean


    New reader here… I know what you and Heather mean about everyday inspiration. You just look at something you see all the time, and Boom… it hits you and becomes an obsession. As a former Cincinnati Modern Guild member, I had the pleasure of getting to know that bright young woman in person. Love her to pieces.

    Looking forward to hearing you speak at our guild tomorrow night. 🙂

    My current inspiration is white with splashes of bold color. I’m in the middle of a studio re-do, and that will be my new look. I’m hoping it pushes myself to sew more. Buh-bye drab studio… LOL!

    March 6, 2013 at 6:28 pm

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