Happy Happy Happy…….

Happy Happy Happy…….

My friend Jennifer Paganelli is just the one of the bestest, bestest blessings in my life.  I remember when I first read about her first line of fabric in Country Living Magazine….way back in the 90’s…..

And then I met Jennifer face to face in Pittsburgh at a Spring Market, and our friendship has just blossomed from there! It is so wonderful to call Jennifer my friend.  She is so genuinely sweet and lovingly kind.  Jennifer is a welcome face in the design world and always is encouraging people to be their creative best, just as God has gifted them.  Last year, I picked up Jennifer’s first book Girl’s World even though Mimi was already pretty grown up by then.  I just loved the book and was going to blog about it here…..but, ahem, I wanted to make something from it to blog about and then, well, time just escaped me….for Numerous reasons.

And before I knew it, Jennifer’s Second book Happy Home came out right on the first book’s heels! And I just can’t wait until I get something done from that book before I shared it with you and told you that you must go out and buy them both…if not for the projects, just for the sheer inspiration of it all!

And well, I did almost finish a project from Girl’s World (but couldn’t find the first book for these photo shots…..typical day in my studio, so the pooch is shown with Happy Home, but is NOT in that book, can I make this anymore confusing?) so I thought I would share this adorable little doggie plushie with you.

Here are some more shots of the inspiration loaded pages from Happy Home.  Not a lot of  “quilty” projects, but plenty of sewing and crafty project with fabrics and non fabrics as well.  Happy Home is probably a little more to my liking, just because we don’t have a “little” girl anymore, and we still have a home to make Happy! But if there are still ideas in Girl’s World that Linda and I were looking at making for the house AND the Tea House.

And last but not least, I have this wonderful video to share with you that Jennifer did with Downy.  You may have already seen this video in some other place, but if you didn’t, check it out. This video makes me ultra happy too,  because I just don’t think I can ever get to much of my friend’s wonderful passion for the color and design.

So….what makes YOU happy??

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  • Isn’t she just lovely through and through? 🙂 I too had the honor of being in her presence. Simply lovely.
    Laurie Ann DeBruin
    Forever Bound Art

    September 18, 2012 at 7:25 am

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