More Modern Starlings…

More Modern Starlings…

More Modern Starlings??  What the heck am I talking about?  Well these little babies of course!


My friend John Adams of Quilt Dad Uber-fame designed this block for our Generation Q kickoff block to 2012, and I had to get some made to check his instructions and just to see how wonderful they are.   So I made these, and while I was doing that,  I came up with a great setting for the blocks incorporating these leftovers created from the blocks.

I talked to John, and I am going to make up my idea and write up instructions and then we will jointly share Modern Starlings II over at John’s home away from home Fat Quarterly later in the year!   I am thrilled to see how this comes out.   Anyway for now, you can make John’s block your way and he would love to have you post your versions on his Quilt Dad is My Home Boy Flickr page when you do.   We would love to have you post it on our GenQ Holiday Blocks Group Flickr page as well!!  Happy Sewing in 2012!   May you sewing soar the skies!


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