269: Scraps are my favorite thing to play with….

269: Scraps are my favorite thing to play with….

 Hey there!!

remember me? I barely do, but I am beginning to dig myself out of the Christmas retail mines that are my DayJob (or Workville….I use those monikers interchangeably)   I have been on Twitter fairly regularly, but I left my blog abandoned for a good two weeks I think now….but I am back,  and have a whole bunch to catch up on…some going back 2-3 months!!  (okay don’t count the great pix I still haven’t posted from our 20th anniversary trip back in 2009 in there, alright?)

As I write this little entry, I am headed up to the studio to do some more sewing tonight, but I just wanted to show you this little scrappy runner I concocted from scraps from a project  I only mentioned in brief here (I just realized that I never showed you all the picture of the final project!! guess I will have to get on that too!) …the parts had been sitting around the studio as I had miscut some pieces…..


 I love how this total piece of “play” came out…fun, summery, and fresh.  Linda and Mimi are working on turning a playhouse into a teahouse,  and this will go in there perfectly!!  

I hope to get at least a couple more posts out this weekend, and some links to free patterns I have designed for Free Spirit.  Later in the month, I have another Moda Bake Shop project I am working on (my second…here’s my first)

And if you are local, here’s a heads up…I will be sharing about my “Quilting Journey–From Brown to Bright and Back Again”  with this groupon February 3rd, 2010.  I am so excited to be sharing my quilts and creative expressions with other like-minded folk!!  I am also booked for March 2nd here….If you are local and would like to book me to share with your group,  please contact me at bluenickel5 (at) earthlink (dot) net.

So that’s my quick Friday nite post!!  Hope you are all set for a great weekend…I will see you here in Blogland again this weekend (I hope!)  and Twitter even earlier!!

Piece, Love, and Happiness,


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