245: I just don’t know when to stop….

245: I just don’t know when to stop….

yes, I signed up for ANOTHER project, but this one isn’t a swap so I won’t be in as much trouble if I don’t get it done on time.  I joined up with this grouping       over with my friends at the Fat Quarterly….You can sign up too for a fun project and “group” across the miles fabric therapy session. 

I don’t have time for this as I am wrapping up my Doll Quilt Swap 9 Project  (TODAY I hope!) and started the Hoop Upswap (but I have til November!) as well as a couple other projects you will be hearing about too…probably fairly soon I think.  I just finished up another LONG run of days in a row at my DayJob, so not much has happened in the studio…..which is why you will have to put up with these leftover pictures from our vacation where Linda did this….and actually none of are the beach….cause I just couldn’t subject our good camera to that environment…so they are mostly of the wildflowers I picked on our walk BEFORE Linda broke her leg……


 Here is a shot with the wonderful Castle Peeps Bag that I just barely scored at Quilt Market this last spring.  I love this bag and the line….I have just played with it a little, but I am working on a few things where it is popping up more….

And then here are some more shots of the flowers on the front porch.  You can tell it has been a cool summer.  Normally at our friend’s beach house in July these wouldn’t have looked so lush.  I love the cottagey feel of them….

So that actually is all the good pics of our Summer vacation…didn’t get any really good ones of the kids..they are such sourpusses when it comes to pictures.  One of these days, I will get some better ones of them and let you see them again. I really do have 3 amazing kids, even though I have very little prood (other than an empty wallet and full calendar, that is)….

Off to the studio….I REALLY have to start cleaning up there before Linda gets back up there when she is out of her cast!!

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