181: Take a Chance on me!

181: Take a Chance on me!

Announcing the raffle quilt for my local guild the Busy Bees.  Why am I announcing this here on my blog?…cause I designed this quilt!  My friend Diane Coombs helped with the applique design, but the overall concept of this was my design.  You can enter to win this quilt for $1.00 a ticket.  Please contact me directly for tickets. The drawing for this quilt in November this fall 2009. ….the 19th I believe….I would be thrilled if one of my peeps won this…(course, I wouldn’t mind winning it either, but it would be nice if one of you one it too…

It is queen-sized and machine quilted…..many people from the guild worked on this quilt so it has many hands of love put into it.  

raffle quilt BZB 2009

Onto other things, I am wrapping up another quilt for a magazine, and presenting another concept with a new line of fabrics not even out yet.   So not out yet, I can’t even mention whose line it is or anything else about it….I am trying to get this quilt concept into a leading magazine with a leading designer’s new line as one of the earliest quilts published with these new fabrics.  A difficult task at the very least.   When I have permission to show you more, I will….but trust me if this works….You will love it!!!

Here are a few more pictures from the pileup on my desktop…hope you enjoy!

From a big garage sale day that Linda and I spent together just the two of us….beads and linens  I love these blue chunky beads…

this bookcase was 5 or 10 dollars and cleaned up nicely….I thought it was very well built and I liked the patina of the painted surface…..simple and  non-affectatious.  5 or 10 dollar bookcase 

Some more from that same day….garagesaling2 I loved textiles before, but now I find my myself buying things simply for the designs, not just if I can sew or necessarily use them daily…. more stuff for the kids to sort through when I die….and I have just started….garage sale 3  garage sale finds 

This Tigger and Roo totally rock…they list a little, but they rock!

tigger and roo

garagesale drawings   This picture of hand-drawn buildings may be in a previous post, but that’s okay, I love the handmade feel of them both…Need new frames and then up they go…somewhere around here….

Hope you enjoyed these treasures…Don’t forget to contact me about the raffle quilt….and have a beautiful sunny day….hopefully like this—-sky 7.09

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  • Wow Scott, that’s a very lovely quilt!! Your finds at the garage sales are great too. My favorite are Tigger and Roo for sure 🙂 Are you guys enjoying our unusual summer?

    August 5, 2009 at 7:16 am

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