142: These shoes were made for sketchin’

142: These shoes were made for sketchin’

And Sketchin’s what I did….

So Linda that lovely wife of mine bought me these plain white canvas Chuck Taylor’s at the cheap food market years ago.  She bought us both a pair, and she gussied hers up with paint and dyes and all sorts of artsy stuff then.    I was going to get a round toit, but I never did…until last weekend. I was feeling in a bit of project overload, and so what did I do? work on those projects? No, I started two more!  What a wonderful TypeA personality I have been gifted with (or is it OCD?).

Anyway, here is one of the New projects that I actually finished over the weekend…actually Linda says it needs sealant before I can wear it out in the rain…but good enough for a photo!

   That’s it for now…I am SO far behind on posting here. I think I will blame my newest quilting e-buddy Joe Cunningham for his private email to me saying how “great” or something like that on keeping up my blog!!  Oh Vey!  I have never been so far behind on it since he told me that.   Thanks Joe, love ya, man!  Really you should check out Joe’s stuff and this clip of him….he’s very funny!

Along the bloggin’ lines…thank you so much for reading, if there are any of you left after my December/January hiatus.  I hope to be back better than before.  The Lord knows that my desktop is full of images to post.  It’s that time factor that is a killer.  So look forward to more from me and Blue Nickel Studios….which is really still just me, but someday maybe I can have an assistant like other designers…Linda would be so happy to have someone else keep me in line!  🙂

AND  a  BIG thank you to all who voted for my spoonflower entry.  Alas, I did not win, but it was a fun run, and I will be offering some of that fabric for sale myself on our Etsy site in the future, I will let you know when that happens. 

Okay, one more thing, I will be having a giveaway coming up here soon….some Free Spirit and Moda fabrics to keep everyone happy and coming back! Oh, I know you, you’d come back even if I didn’t give stuff away huh?  Or at least I hope so..

Wow, what a lot of little “bits” Let’s hope that in 2009 I can be back more often and share more stuff and get to know some of you better in person!  It’s good to be back…now, I need to get back to those other projects..

Ciao, Scott


  • Welcome back! I’ll be ALL OVER that give-a-way! Can’t wait.

    January 28, 2009 at 1:18 pm
  • Paul Leger


    Painting your sneakers, what a wonderful way to destress (is that a word). You really do have way to much time on your hands. Wish I did also.

    I’ve told some of my fabric voters that your fabric had not receive the votes required to win, they were all sorry to hear that you were not the chosen one. Hopefully next time you will be.

    Well my North West Coast quilting buddy, keep up the good work. We shall be talking again soon.


    February 6, 2009 at 8:40 am

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