132: TGIF

132: TGIF

I have had a long couple of weeks at my ahem, REAL, job…and I am so looking forward to this weekend actually having the whole two days off.  Not that I plan on getting a lot of rest..even though I should..I have GOT to get further on about 4 projects in the studio that are all partially started.  I know, how many times have you heard about my OC (Over Committment) issues?  I have even taken a couple classes on the problem..guess they didn’t do much good..the trouble is, I LIKE to be creative and have the beautiful end results.    I think my biggest concern is the Doll Quilt Swap 5 that I signed up for.  I have it started, but I haven’t posted any photos yet, and I am being freeform on, but I am not sure which direction it is going to go yet.  That being said, I am going to post you a few pictures that I took in the studio awhile back and you can see why I like being in my studio, ahem, my HALF of the studio I share with my beloved.

Okay…so WordPress is giving me issues on adding photos…sorry folks…stay tuned for pictures.. Maybe this is God’s way of saying get off that computer and into the studio!   🙂

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