Some more BZB quilt show pictures

Some more BZB quilt show pictures

This quilt was called Mexican Stars and was made by Sharon McCabe.  I got the name on this one.  The overall design was nice I thought, and I was pretty impressed with the machine quilting on it.  I look at machine quilting much closer now that I am trying to do some of that myself more.


 Here is a closeup of the quilting.     

This one also caught my eye form our guild challenge based on playing cards.  It just happens to be by Sharon McCabe also.  Apparently, I like her work!           

This one is at a wierd angle because of its setup at the show.  Kelli is the maker (but I can not remember her last name!)……very bright and cheerful with lots of movement, huh?   


That’s it for tonight’s post.  I have one more quilt to share from the show in the next entry, and then I can download my NW Anacortes trip photos.  We found quite a few treasures along the way that I will share with you in the next few days.   Hope you enjoy these and come back for more photos….until next time..

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