109:Tootsie Pop Challenge Winners

September 2nd, 2008

Well the voting is now complete.  I must admit, part of this project turned out great, but part of it was not how I envisioned it.  I had hoped that more people would come and vote on these little gems of art, but it seems that not that many people stopped by to see.  Mostly friends and family of some of the entrants, which was fine, but I really was hoping to have more people in the blogosphere stop by.  But hey, you know what, their loss!  I was pleased that people had fun with this project and enjoyed their little Tootsie time!! :)  That made me happy!  I want to thank EVERYONE who entered, and everyone who signed up to enter, but didn’t get the time (Lord knows that has happened to me almost every year in my local guild’s challenges!!).

Here are the top 5 winners in order: 

Paul from the North (Canada that is),

Gus (from the South I believe),    

Sandi and her good ship Lollipop, 

Jim V. with his Tootsie Pop Collection, 

then Aileen      

and Jeanine 

tied for fifth, so I will figure out something to send to both of them.

 You winners you will have to email me privately with your snail mail so I can send you your prizes.  I have added some things to my giveaway box, so you may get some extras too. 

I have some more to talk about, but this was probably the big one for those who entered, so I thought I better put that up first.   I am running out of time this morning, so I will have to put off some of what I was going to share until later.  There is NEVER enough time is there?

Okay, here is my last bit to share.  My friend Mark Lipinski has done it again!  ANOTHER line of fabric is coming out of the Pickle Road Studios ( I know Pickle Road and Blue Nickel sound so similar, but we had never even heard of each other when we came up with our studio branding concepts) Mark shared a sneak peak of it on his blog.  I thought I would steal a jpeg just to tease you and send you to his September 1st entry for more…you know you can’t get enough of this stuff! 

Here is what I lifted from Mark:    (Hey Mark, I hope you don’t mind, I am sending them all your way though!) It also is in Blues and greens that you can see at his site, but I am particularly partial to these deep reds.  I don’t think it will be out for awhile, but he is debuting it at Fall Market in Houston.  Way to go Mark!

Aughhh, I had more but I really gotta go, although for a great nostalgic trip you should see Tracy’s blog entry ....I could almost hear Donny and Marie right away after reading this.

105: Polls are open

August 16th, 2008

Well, I finally have posted all of the entries on my projects page.  So those 10 entrants who sent me their jpegs, call up your friends and have them come visit the site and vote on their favorite ones.  I will be asking some of my blog-buds to help draw voters in so their will be “outsiders” voting too!  Thanks to all those entered and sent in their photos.  Out of fairness, I suppose I should not let any more come in late, but if you give me a sad enough story, I might throw it in the mix….maybe…

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I need to post pictures of the prize that Wendy still HASN’T claimed (hint, hint) Next time I will post pictures of my prize beforehand as Jess has done on her giveaway!

But you guys will just have to see what you missed, unless I don’t hear from Wendy soon, and then I may re-draw from the comments on my 101st post.  Here is what I assembled for the giveaway:

  This includes 10 fat quarters (5 pop and 5 traditional—yes, I added one more traditional after the picture…it’s a surprise to the winner) a quilt label, a candy necklace, a charm pack of 5” squares of American Jane’s latest fabrics, and some goofy Blue Nickel business card paraphanalia. 

Here is a detail shot of the charm pack:    

I need to do some other posts too, but this will have to do for now…..  Maybe I will have another today as well!

97: quick update on a few misc things.

July 31st, 2008

Okay so people, I have been SOOO behind in posting here.  I have been very busy…in fact at the moment, I NEED to be driving to the store to pick up an ice cream cake for my baby’s 11th birthday family “surprise” party…she asked for this, so I am not sure how much of a “surprise” it is going to be!

I have to make a note about the Tootsie Pop Challenge here, and hope everyone reads and understands it.  I have started posting the challenge quilts on the Project page here.  I had a friend who is local tell me that I shouldn’t allow comments to start piling up until the final due date (August 15th)...well, I thought about that, and I decided that I would continue to post the new entries, but I am not counting any comments added before the date of August 16th towards the winning entries.  Does that make sense?  Then all the entrants are at the same point on start day, and I will keep tally on the comments from the 16th of August to the 1st of September.  Hopefully all will be okay with that.  All my years of managing tell me some may not be, but all my years of management help me to be okay with that too. 

On to other things, now…quickly…I gotta get that cake picked up!

Here are some ATC’s that I am working on….2 are for a friend who is trading 3 cards with me (yikes I have one more to start and finish), one is for my friend Kevin who I promised 3 ATC’s to about oh….4 months ago!      

Two of Kevin’s are finished here:          

  Here is the border on the doll quilt border in progress…..like it? 

Okay, I really gotta go…that ice cream cake is calling, I have balloons to blow up, and streamers to put up!  Mimi and Linda are at a doll museum to keep Mimi away while we get ready for the “surprise”... wish me luck!

Tootsie Pop challenge update 1

July 6th, 2008

Tootsie Pop Challenge entrants so far (as of 10 pm on July 5th, 2008 )!! Here is the list of who I have so far on my list of entrants. If you emailed me, and you aren’t listed below please let me know.

Sandi A. in MN, Shawn in WA, Steven C., Cornelia G., Jeanine, Rich B, Carole H. in UK, Deborah L., Gus N, Paul L, Aileen T., Tanner K, Jim V., Richard C.

We spent the day at Rosario Beach and Anacortes, Washington today…..Got great pictures I will post them later….along with some more latent quilt show quilt pictures! Busy weekend, long day, good night.

The Prizes for Blue Nickel Studios’ first Quilt Challenge

July 3rd, 2008

Okay so here are the prizes for the Tootsie Pop Quilt Challenge.

First, there will be a 40 piece 5inch Charm Pack from the below fabrics and more:


Next will be a four pack Fat Quarter pack from the new line Nest coming out in August.


There is this panel from the line Recess coming out this fall too.  This panel is approximately 24” x 44” or so.

Then there is this small panel from the Recess line as well.


Lastly there will be a grab bag filled with a variety of scraps.  Very useful for small little quilts.


Hope you like the prizes, and I hope you all tell your artsy-fartsy friends about this little challenge.  Have a Fabtabulous day!

The Tootsie Pop Mini Quilt Challenge

July 2nd, 2008

  Here is the long awaited Contest/Challenge——ta-da! the Tootsie Pop MIni Quilt Challenge!  This is just a sample of a fun little project I started one evening, and I decided that I wanted to involve others in this mixed media “quiltercize”  And how else to get people involved best?  Give away FREE stuff!!  So here is the dirt on this fun summer take-along project.

The rules: 

1. Your quilt maybe no larger than 4” by 4” square.  My sample is 3.33” by 4” just because that is how it came out. Yours may be smaller or larger up to 4” by 4”.   

2. You must use part or all of a Tootsie Pop wrapper in the design of your quilt.  It has to be recognizable as a Tootsie Pop wrapper.

3. It needs to be a quilt, i.e., layered with batting and quilted together somehow.

Those are the three main rules. Please sign up by emailing me at bluenickel5@earthlink.net so I can put you on the list. When you are finished with your work of art, email me a jpeg of your work, and I will post it with your name on my site.  These must be emailed to me by August 15th.  After they are all posted, then all who visit the page will vote by commenting on the site.  The mini quilts that get the most positive comments by September 1st will win some great prizes from me, Scott at Blue Nickel Studios.  My wife said that I need to post pictures of the prizes, but I am exhausted tonight and have to get up early tomorrow for work, so I am hoping that you will come back in a day or two to look at the sample prizes.  There will be more than one prize, so don’t think only one lucky dog will get it.

If you want a special starter kit for this project please email me at the above address, and I will send you a kit for $2 (this includes a Tootsie Pop (flavorful surprise), 4” square batting, bits and trims, buttons, fabric scraps, postage and handling, etc.)  But you do not need to buy one to get started.   Email me if you have any questions at all.   Further announcements will be forthcoming.