238: Briefly … Doll Quilt Swap 9 Status and more flowers…

July 28th, 2010

   busy week around here….above is a picture of my creation for the Doll Quilt Swap 9 ...this picture was taken last week…and it is already further than this…and looking different already…

We were just at the beach the last few days, and I have a few pictures from that trip…but I don’t like to take the camera out in the sand and the salt water areas all that much so not a lot of pics were snapped.

Thought I would share these shots from our gardens a few months back as they are piling up on my laptop’s desktop…

     this gem is in our mowed grass and friends that pose as  lawn….love that this little thing flourishes in the total neglect it receives. 

This glorious plant is called Solomon’s Seal and Linda picked the original up 15 years ago or more at a local plant sale…we love the mystery of this plant…big leaves that pretty much hide these bells that dance along the stem….   

The dogwood was wonderful this year…not always do we get such prolific flowers on it… 

 This flower is another old favorite of ours….so detailed, yet so tiny!!   

and a few more….         

Have some great posts still to come….tomorrow  a contest of sorts for two nice big prize packs….a bunch of assorted fat quarters and layer cake squares….Guest Panel of Judges and everything…

Have a Marvelicious day my friends!! 

How’s your week coming along this week??

237: Summer randomness…..

July 18th, 2010

So it’s July….must mean it’s time for Christmas in July planning, huh?   Well a couple months ago, I received in the mail this magazine from Vienna….I wondered, hmmm…why am I getting this, I didn’t subscribe, and I don’t read German (it is German spoken in Austria, isn’t it? or is it actually Austrian?? the last 100 years over there things have become so jumbled, and I just don’t know…I am sure they are close though)   I had no idea this quilt made it in their magazine…but was delighted to see it there…although I have no real way of proofing their interpretation of my directions….or what they said about me.  (hoping it was marvelicious!)

But it is pretty funny more me to think that I have gone “international” so to speak  I had that one quilt way back when in a display in France, and now this one in Austria….I feel so continental!   :)


You can get your own directions for this quilt on my download page and click on the picture of the quilt….

Oh, dang, that reminds me I have three more online quilt patterns for you to download….I have still got to get those up for you…hang in there, I will get to it eventually…


Here is one of my new prop girls getting made up…she’s still missing an eyelash in this picture…..they are actually all done now just waiting for their photo shoot….and the upcoming contest!!


And here is just a little bit of summer for you, Enjoy!! 

233: Swap meet….

July 1st, 2010

So I have been doing the Doll Quilt Swap for about 5 rounds now….this could be my last as the rules have strictly said if you are late on this one…You’re out on the next one….

and yes, I think they made that rule because of me…..I don’t think I was on time sending on any of them…I did great quilts, and my swap buddies TOLD me they loved them…but I was a bad swapper in regards to timeliness….I have til the first of September to get this baby done….I think I can do it…

The above picture are some fabric who have come to interview for the position in the quilt….the books are for inspiration….I get inspired by these two books a LOT….

Here is my sketch and some more fabrics….       The butterfly fabric is from Australia….and I do love it…my swap buddy loves purple and autumn and modern quilts….so I think somewhere in this we will find a good one, yes??
I also just sent out a bunch of these  for the Siggy Swap set up by the fabulous Julie Herman!! 

Here are mine in the process.

Here they are waiting for their white middles….     I had to go specially buy it…I don’t just have plain white hanging around here..

and here with their mid-drifts…  

I did this swap just cause I thought it would be fun to have all these signatures from all these folks across the globe, in really modern fabrics, and just to have a simple quilt that is just for me to throw over when it gets chilly…..kinda like its been here in the NW this summer….seriously….my neighbor has a fire going tonight…on the first of July!!

so that’s it for today….
then the upcoming news….

I have some quilts coming out in magazines again…about 4 this late summer and fall I think…as they get published I will let you know… I also have some more free patterns to post here, I just have to get my butt in gear and do it..I’ll let you know….

and this fall?? I hope to be getting some patterns available for sale at your local quilt shop or on some online shops….ok, it may be next spring…we’ll just see how that goes, okay?  One day at a time, right??

And if you ever want to have me come share my quilts and stories at your local guild, just let me know…I love to talk about this stuff ….just ask my wife and kids!!  I am a pretty cheap deal for the moment….until I hit it big-time...

And yes….. I did just put that last link in there….   I love the 80’s…...you’re welcome….  

219: Man-quilters Unite!

April 15th, 2010

So, I am really, really late at posting about the latest Doll Quilt Swap 8  I like these swaps because they are total ”playtime” for me, and if I want to do some experimenting, they are fun to share…so This time our swap”mama” (Kimmie) as she was called,   threw the only three guys in the swap all together.  I gave to Ryan, Ryan gave to John, and John gave to me.   Pretty fun to see how each of us went about “mod”  fabrics differently. This is what I sent to Ryan…

Here is the back plus a little bundle of goodies I sent along for fun…


And then here is the front of the quilt I sent Ryan.  I told Ryan that he had better appreciate the red Wonderland Scissor fabric from Moda...cause it was the first time I used it, and I TOTALLY LOVE  print!!  It was very hard to part with…what? like you don’t understand that or something?   Somewhere around here, I have this beautiful sage reproduction fabric that I still totally love from about 12 years ago…..even though I have gone “brighter” these days, I still adore that fabric….whenever I find it again, I can tell you it will delight me….   :)


So, then John sent this quilt to me!  I was so happy to have him be my swap partner, because I have loved his choices in fabrics for some time now..


and I like that he left those wide linen stripes plain…I have plans to add vintage and new buttons and beads in that space…

John also sent a little goodie pack with his quilt—A Charley Harper calendar and the coolest pencil ever….


see what I mean about the pencil??  THANKS SO MUCH for this cool touch, Johnny Q!!  

and this fabric in the top corner..I think it is from Spoonflower, but I am not sure…maybe John will drop a comment and tell us about it in there…. 

Well that’s it for now…I still have a couple pictures from Easter to post, and an entry about my “little” 17 year old son’s quiet-at-home-with-a-mega-meaty-pizza party….wait until you see this pizza he designed…incredible!!

215: Peace, Baby, Peace….

March 10th, 2010

So I was supposed to have this done and outa here 2 days ago for the DSQ8, but here it is on the design wall… and I should be done piecing it tonite…probably won’t get it on the quilting rack til the weekend…    

This week at my day job I got some bummer news about bonuses…or this year lack of a bonus, and I am trying to recover from that….I have always gotten a bonus and thought I was getting a small one…very small, but it was something….and yesterday found out not even that…sigh…being a guy, I can get too attached to my work, even work I don’t like, so I am having a tough time, but you know what…this too shall pass…..

It might take awhile, but in time, I  know God will take care of everyhing…so I will wait and see what He does….

And too keep in peaceful mood, here are some pictures from Linda’s clean side of the studio….


And our ancient Quince and Forsythia that keep coming back year after year after year…..Spring brings a great amount of hope…no matter what the situation, don’t you agree??

As the kids in my kids school say,

“Peace Out”

and a wonderful day to you all!!

214: Spring is Comin’…..

March 7th, 2010

Last weekend, it was just so pretty out, so I grabbed these flowers to share with you.  I love Spring and the hopeful, cheerful message it brings that Winters don’t last forever, and more beautiful days are ahead.     



And of course, Spring wouldn’t be complete without these in the lawn, would it?  If it weren’t for these and Moss, I would probably have a dirt/rock yard….ok, we have SOME grass, but not the pristine country club kind, that’s for sure. 


I am out of the doldrums already…thanks to those who wished me well during that time.  I knew it wouldn’t last forever, and I know those days will come back again…


One more quick thing to share, and then I gotta get back to ….cue the ominous music …..the “Project List”  ....

A couple quick snaps of my project for the Doll Quilt Swap 8 .... of course I am behind, what else?  I had these grand aspirations of getting it done and sent on time….but..well, yeah, it didn’t happen….but here are some snapshots, and to my Doll Quilt Swap 8 partner go out big apologies….but I will send extra fabric so you can score there…

  And just so you know Swap Partner, I haven’t used the scissor fabric for anything for myself yet, so I hope you really know how special it is for me to put it into your quilt, Ok?? 

Happy Spring everyone! Talk to you soon…hug someone you love, and if they are close enough to kiss….then give them one of those too!!

188: Doll Quilt Swap #7…Part Deux

September 20th, 2009

Okay so I have done this Doll Quilt Swap thing….uh….let me check…four times now….(I had to go check how many I have here about the house)...This time I was actually only ONE day late sending it out—(a near miracle I might add) So without further adieu, here is the one I sent out to Kim:

The front of the quilt taken hanging in one of our “scrub” treesDQS7 sending out 

Kim said that she loved owls and Amy Butler fabrics so here is a little of both with, of course, other scraps from my cutting table messes..  The owls are from Amy Schimler, and I actually had to look for owl fabric because I had none…I originally wanted something more vintage looking…but I have kinda fallen in love with these little guys…so I will be making an owl quilt for myself with the remainder…one of these days…

Here are some detail shots from the front:DQS7 sending out detail 

DQS7 sending out detail.1 more owls

And here is the back:

DQS7sending out back 

I was going to post these pictures before I sent the quilt, so that is why the leaf is there covering Kim’s name, but she already has the quilt so it’s a moot point now.DSQ7 label detail

dqs7 sending out back detail 

And I sent these fat quarters with it for an extra treat:

gifties going out with DQS7

 And here is the one I received from Rachel....I love how the hexagons are asymmetrical and not completely finished—Rustic but Contemporary!

DQS7 received     DQS7 received detail DQS7 received detail.2

And I totally love this backing fabric!! I must find it somewhere…if you know where I can get some let me know!!DQS7 received back  DSQ7 received back detail  

That’s it for Doll Quilt Swap pictures…probably for this year. I am wrapping up two more quilt for Free Spirit Fabrics right now, and those pictures will be posted soon.  Anna Maria Horner is coming out with a new line in flannel and Douglas Day already has a second line to follow up his Be a Man line that debuted this spring!  I am doing both of those quilts for the Free Spirit Booth for Quilt Market in Houston…coming up fast!

I apologize that I haven’t written an entry in here since the end of August. I have been so busy with these latest projects, my head has spinning…there are some other projects that are even bigger bubbling under the surface to that are even more exciting to me…but for now I gotta get back to the studio!  Drop a line and let me know what your last few days of summer have been like…I think we only have one or two official days left and  then it’s Autumn folks….like it or not (frankly, I LOVE it!!)

Keep Sewing, Keep Happy,


185: Doll Quilt Swap # 7

August 25th, 2009

Here is one of those mostly picture posts…hope you don’t mind… I got signed up for Doll Quilt Swap 7, and my swap partner likes owls..so I found some Owls by Amy Schimler...and started playing….I paid absolutely no attention to any rules…it wasn’t easy, but I like the results….Hope my DQS7  buddy does! 

Strips sewn somewhat randomly…

strippy decisions        sneaky owls  more bar blocks

interviewing backdrops   .....bar blocks in waiting 


A  wonky wrench…

wonky wrench   

Final sashing choice….the tree lines up....kinda

the top is finished  ( I apologize for the lighting in these)

DQS7 top 

See how the trees in the wrenches sorta line up….kinda…

DQS7 in leaves  
Just needs to be quilted and bound…can I do it before the deadline???

So I showed you what I have been up to…(actually only a tiny bit, but it is something)...what are you doing???

172: dqs6…..means what?

June 10th, 2009

dqs6 means doll quilt swap six and I forgot to post these pix of what I got in exchange for this that I sent:

front of what I sent to Emma in Australia      back with quickie label on the quilt I sent….every quilt needs a label, and sometimes, those don’t always come out so good as is the case with this fine example!  And here is the fabric I sent with the quilt:    sort of a peace offering, because although I aimed high….it was still sent after the deadline.

And if you read this between 10pm PST 6/10/09 and 5AM 6/11/09 PST then below is what I posted  that night without the above explanation.  If this post seems disjointed to you well then you pretty much know how I am feeling inside.  I am feeling stressed as summer is FAST approaching, and I have a ton of outside work that NEEDS to be done around here, as well as a bunch of studio stuff that I WANT to do and I am feeling my kids growing up faster than I can handle so I want to connect with them more too….same old balancing act, but I am feeling stressed about it at least last night and this morning, that is for sure!

  doll quilt swap 6 received awhile back…I uh…forgot to post…actually I didn’t forget…it was just sitting on the SD card with a hundred zillion other pictures….like these three….

 cool stitching on the back….

  love the rustic label on this…

  three pieces of Liberty fabric..never had this before…very interesting prints, with a fabric “hand” that is unfamiliar to me….looking forward to playing with them…...someday..

thanks Kristen!  I lost your email somehow …could be that cleaning desk factor thing!! Kristen I think washed it afterwards too, and so the quilt has a nice homey feeling!

149: Snow Day….. in March??

March 8th, 2009

Okay so that was yesterday and the snow is mostly gone already, but here is a brief pictorial display of the day and all that I got done.  It felt like a lot at the time, and I thing I am getting a lot done today, but not as exciting stuff to show….yet…. 

 the snow begins in the afternoon     

 the doll quilt swap begins with round 6....this time I will not be late!...the top was finished yesterday …. the main accomplishment of snowday!

   Made mostly with scraps from the Good Folks Quilt I did back in October last fall….LOVE this line! 

Here is a photo of some hand-dyed fabric. Looks even better in person…      

Here are this year’s fun challenges….My friend Jovita has this monthly challengething goin’ down.  Here are my January exercises…

January #1     

  And January #2…do you see my mistake in this one??...I had to fix it today before I quilted it….     


My girl Mimi did her own version of the January one…she was bored one night, so I had her pick the fabrics and color an exercise sheet, and this is the top….  

 Here is my February go….       They all are in the process of being quilted and bound this week…I will probably add buttons and other stuff to them…but I wanted to share them, as I told Jovita that I would…I plan on using the hand-dyed blue above with some greens in my March challenge…when she gets it posted!

This quilt is an old one I made in my “country” phase, and was the first thing that I put on the quilting machine….I had a friend come over and try to show me somethings about quilting, but the machine was acting up badly and she was going fast, so it really just didn’t look that good….  


I cut it up!  Now it is going to be made into a little art book, and I will add all sorts of stuff to it as I go…kinda one of those make lemonade things you know…


And the snow really did stick, but not too bad…it was gone by this afternoon….  

And I have a ton of pictures that I need to get off my desktop and in here…so come on back…I am on vacation from my “job-job” so I hope to bring you a lot of entries this week….to make up for the lack of them in December and January…

Keep sewing, keep happy!

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