117: Brooding–an artist’s duty

September 19th, 2008

This quote has been on most of my emails lately….


“I am not pouting, and I am certainly not indulging in self-pity…..In fact, I am brooding.  It’s what artists do, we brood.  To other, more active people, we appear selfish, obessive, even narcissistic, which is why we prefer to brood in private.”  David




 but I have recently added this gem…. 


“Where the Spirit does not work with the hand there is no art”  Leonard Da Vinci


on my recent emails. and I am totally unhappy with this font situation….so I am gonna leave now at see if it looks better in the morning….


Oh wait that looks a little better (lucky you didn’t see what I just saw before I hit that one little button) 

okay so no pix tonite but some great quotes.   Oh, and I will leave you a great link to Tula Pink where you can meet a girl named Jen who didn’t grow up to become a mermaid, but ended up with a pretty cool life so far.

Mistakes can be good? Yes, but Ducks are more fun to look at!

June 26th, 2008

A life making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

—George Bernard Shaw   

I get a daily email with some kinda famous quote, and this one was today’s.  It really makes me feel much better!  I have definitely been feeling as a late that I have made quite a few mistakes lately.  But it could be because I am trying to do more than just nothing, so it could be okay.  The more I think about it, the more I like this quote.  It encourages me to not quit and keep pressing on.   One mistake that I think was not a good one, but was one nonetheless was my swearing in my last post.   I just don’t swear very well.  It doesn’t sound “natural” from me.  I often ”think” in those terms, but I seldom ”speak” in such a manner, and to me it just sounds odd coming out.  That is probably a good thing, because I think swearing constantly is somewhat tiresome, yet I have some friends who do swear quite a bit.  In fact, I know a guy in my company who wouldn’t say the “N” word (nigger) but has no problem saying the “F” word (fuck) on a consistent basis.  I really find that rather ironic.  Maybe it shows my age and how the words have changed with the times. 

And what does this have to do with quilting and country life….where are the pictures?    Well I am thinking a blog is like a public journal so you just got a bit of the journaling bit.  Does anyone else out there ever think like this? But to satisfy the picture people out there (myself included)  Here are some great pictures of the ducks in the flowers and yard.  I missed them in the boxwood.  Linda said that one of them was missing, and all the sudden his little head just popped out of the very dense boxwood bush, and it looked so comical….but these are pretty good shots too.


This afternoon I go to help set up for the Busy Bee Quilters Quilt Show.  I will take pictures and post them soon.  If anyone is around the area, our show is a pretty good one, and it is in a great setting at Craven  Farms. I haven’t had much time to help set up before, and I am really looking forward to helping this year.





can’t think of a title other than it’s Friday

February 22nd, 2008

drawing a blank for anything creative today.  I did want to mention my walk yesterday morning.  The moon was full and sinking in the west, and the last star of evening was sparkling over the Cascade foothills in the east.  It was a cold but pleasant walk. I was so engrossed in my thoughts though, I almost walked right into a lady walking towards me on the sidewalk.  She said hello, and I was completely startled because I hadn’t seen her coming. I had been looking down at the sidewalk I guess as I was running through 300,007 things in my mind.  I think I gave her a chuckle, and I thought “Wow, I need to pay attention!”    I have got to get the quilt I am working on finished for the Conneticut Piecemakers’ quilt show this weekend…but first this morning, I need to get out to the shop for a full workout on my arms, I haven’t done a full set in I don’t know how long. That is it for now….I know so totally uninspiring, huh?  Sometimes the key is just to keep writing.   Oh, here I will end this with a quote that Linda told me last night again by Mark Twain:

  •  ”She was not sophisticated, she was not unsophisticated, she was the type of woman who owned parrots.”  

 Isn’t that great?????