117: Brooding–an artist's duty

117: Brooding–an artist's duty

This quote has been on most of my emails lately….


“I am not pouting, and I am certainly not indulging in self-pity…..In fact, I am brooding.  It’s what artists do, we brood.  To other, more active people, we appear selfish, obessive, even narcissistic, which is why we prefer to brood in private.”  David




 but I have recently added this gem…. 


“Where the Spirit does not work with the hand there is no art”  Leonard Da Vinci


on my recent emails. and I am totally unhappy with this font situation….so I am gonna leave now at see if it looks better in the morning….


Oh wait that looks a little better (lucky you didn’t see what I just saw before I hit that one little button) 

okay so no pix tonite but some great quotes.   Oh, and I will leave you a great link to Tula Pink where you can meet a girl named Jen who didn’t grow up to become a mermaid, but ended up with a pretty cool life so far.

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