tattoo day

March 6th, 2008

march 5, 2008.jpg Well, here is the tattoo in all its glory.  When I see it, I think it isn’t real, and then I realize it is, and it will never leave….and I am reminded that I will always be God’s beloved child, no matter how far away He or I seem from each other…..and He will always provide for my needs (and my family’s needs) even when it may not quite seem like it…..and I think that those two reminders are very good things.   I don’t have much time to write here, so that is it for now…..hopefully more tomorrow.

there have been many frogs croaking outside for many nights in a row….a sure sign that Spring is really on its WAY

leap day tattoo day

February 29th, 2008

before tattoo.jpg before the tattoo tonight at 4pm

I wrote the above blurb this morning before I left the house for the day fully expecting to come home “inked”.  BUT…...

 tattoo update.jpg This drawing of the actual tattoo I will be getting is all that happened tonight.  I got to the tattoo shop at 4:25pm a little later than I had said, and the shop was so full of people and the scheduling there is very loose I would say, so I didn’t really have time, and I didn’t want them to rush things so I am waiting until Wednesday the 6th of March.   Which I just realized is significant because that would be the day that in 1982, I decided to do my best to live my life the way Jesus would want me to and not the way I thought was best.  Now granted, I am not so sure that I have done very good at my end of the deal, but He has done pretty good, and this tattoo is to remind me that He calls me His beloved child, and that He will always provide for my needs, so I am actually very happy about the delay in timing, although earlier in the evening I wasn’t very happy about it.  All is better now. 

Also I thought I would help plug my friend Mark Lipinski and his new line of fabric coming out this year.  It is called Califon and here is a glimpse of them.  I didn’t ask Mark’s permission, but I am sure he won’t mind the plug.  I sure wouldn’t.  Here are some samples from his sneak peek on his blog: 

califongreys1v4wb.jpg califonblues1v3.jpg califonyellows1.jpg  Hasn’t Mark done a fantastic job??  You can find out all about him and his world on his blog.  I hope to keep working with him, and someday present to you my own line of fabric someday. Anyway this is the last post for February 2008.   Tomorrow is March.  The frogs are already croaking in the woods and waters near our home.  Linda and I are so excited to hear the frogs each spring.  They are great at announcing the wonderous season approaching

black and white day

May 30th, 2007

WooHoo  I passed my real estate saleperson exam today  Very nerve-wrecking taking the test, but I passed! I am officially a real estate agent.  I will order my business cards on Friday, and start training with my new boss, Kevyn Williams, of Dan Williams ERA Real Estate.

So Black and White Day? No color pictures to show, just a sketch….

When I sell my first house, I can finally afford the tattoo I have been wanting on my upper arm.  Here is a rough sketch they did at the Tattoo shop:

fish tattoo.jpg

The fish will be filled with celtic knotwork and the banner will have the word “Beloved” ...... the fish to me represent the provision of the story when Jesus called Peter to be a disciple, Peter had been out fishing all night…no luck at all…but Jesus told him to cast his net on the other side of the boat…I am sure Peter thought Jesus was quite the lunatic..I mean he was a carpenter, what did He know about fishing….But Peter did it anyway…and SURPRISE…there were more fish than his nets could hold….those fish were waiting there while they talked ….waiting to be provision…

the word “Beloved”?  to remind me that God loves ME….I am his beloved. just as I am, even when I am in the midst of being quite messed up….and to remind me about Him as well as my wife, my beloved also….

So enough preaching for now…actually I wasn’t preaching, I am just telling part of my story…..thanks for listening!!