the hand embroidered haven….

March 28th, 2014

Have you heard of Megan Frock? By now, I bet more of you have, but just in case you haven’t I want to share with you something wonderful Megan worked on for quite awhile under the radar, and brought to the light of day last summer or fall I think. (or heaven help me if I forgot,  last spring??)


Megan sent me her wonderful book late last year….so bad of me, I don’t remember when….I loved it from the start, but like many, many things it fell behind the wake of my other adventures….which is no indication of it’s greatness to be sure.

I first met Megan when she was helping out our mutual friend Tula Pink at one Market. I barely spoke to her at the first one, I think I was crazy busy, and I think Megan was a bit overwhelmed by the amazingness of the whole event.  But at the last few Markets, I have had the opportunity to chat with Megan, and I tell you that each conversation is a treat in true Southern charm. Her accent is just delightful and her love of the craft it just as sweet.

the hand embroidered haven is Megan’s first book (I am sure she will have more!) and it is chock full of some great sewing projects with an emphasis on embroidery as a featured part of each project.

I truly love these zoomorphic framed projects below:


I can particularly relate to the Rabbit Ears on the TV…..had those all of the time growing up…We could only get three stations, sometimes we were lucky enough to get the fourth station from the border of Washington State and Canada.

And Megan also has some great instructions for stitches…including some I had never heard of but sound compelling. Like the Couched Filling Stitch.


And Twilling…I am sure I have seen this, but never knew what it was called. Love the full texture it brings to the needlework.


But as you know already, I rarely get to carving out the time to embroider. So of course my first loves in her book were the quilts  and these two are my favorites!



So that’s it for today. If you don’t already have Megan’s book, go right out and get it. You’ll be happy you did!

Oh, and the fabric behind all of these shots? Beauty Queen from Jennifer Paganelli for Free Spirit. New this Spring. Look for it, You’ll love it!

305: New York, New York

August 9th, 2011

So I was whining about how I wished I could go to the BIG NYC  celebration of quilting going on last weekend on Twitter…

okay, well I hope I wasn’t whining…..but I probably was….I am American after all….(yup, I said that too…yikes!)   Well my new BFF said she could fix that… she took Flat Me along for the trip!!

I have to admit…I don’t really know where I am in all these pictures, but it was so fun having Heide tweet these all weekend!! I really felt like I was there…...

     Look I even got to go on a NY subway…..I look SOOO excited, don’t I??

Heide said I made her spend a lot of money here...but I am pretty sure I didn’t say a word…..

I was so glad she took me here though….I have wanted to see this place since I heard about it…although being penniless on this occasion….they wouldn’t take glitter glue or sequins for fabric…


I even got to see my dear friend Jennifer again….I had hoped for picture opps with other peeps, but I didn’t want to be a bothersome guest of Heide’s…

So that was my weekend….well…the living me had to go to workville on Saturday…and I have no idea what I did on Sunday…from the things I still need to get done around here….it doesn’t look like I did much at all on Sunday…which is probably good once in awhile…

How was your last weekend?  and what are you up to next weekend?

and I am posting this with no editing…so if you find something wrong…kindly overlook it…or just leave me a comment and I will fix it later….

Piece out,



205: Nothing sweeter than a good friend…..

January 15th, 2010

especially when that friend is the queen of Sis Boom herself…Jennifer Paganelli...Last spring at Quilt Market, Jennifer and I discussed me doing the promo quilt for one of her next lines….which at the time were going to be two and with completely different names than what came out ….  but So St. Croix is so Jennifer! 

So without much verbiage (yeah, right, Scott)  here is the process of the quilt I designed on paper back in May 2009…

  st croix stack  st croix stack2 

Here is something….on the design wall…I really had it all planned out already…I just needed a place to hang it temporarily…what a mess!!with everything else! 

When I drew this up back in May last year, Jennifer’s newest lines at the time consisted many more colors.  This line is pretty much just two…blues/greens and pinks…it is almost as if it was made for this idea.  I  have  just loved Sis Boom fabrics ever since she came out with Girlfriends back whenever that was….(or did she have a line before that?? I didn’ t know her back then….so glad to know her now) so I was VERY delighted to get this chance to work with her designs before anyone else does!!laying out    st croix closeup  two bars  sweetie pie quilt  

So the top is all done,  I am hoping to quilt it up this weekend and then get the binding on and the directions written up…should be avaiable online in a couple weeks…The fabric might be hitting the stores right now…I am not sure…pop on over to Jennifer’s and ask her…she’ll know for sure.  And wish her a happy Birthday.  I think it’s today…tell her Scott at the Blue Nickel sent ya!!

To all my dear contest winners of the last couple weeks….uh….your prizes are still sitting in a box on my studio floor…I don’t have all of your addresses yet anyway, but I do want to get this stuff sent out to you soon….I have had a couple new gigs come up, and the usual trauma of life and general business have been swirling here in the very grey-green of the Pacific Northwest….   so thanks for your patience, good people…and look to the west for a mailing from me one of these days.

Until next time, my very best wishes to you and yours….and a hundred thousand prayers for Haiti tonight…..

200: Happy Holidaze Giveaway!!

December 20th, 2009

blue EYE   my heart is yours  cool giveaway montage 

(that’s “I Love a Cool Giveaway”) get it?? 

Okay so here it is the BIG 200th post!!  I think it took me awhile to get here…longer than 2 years I know…Is there a standard for this sort of thing? I dunno about that, but I do know that in Blogland, the 200th post signifies a big party and giveaway!! 

First the “party”...I thought I would just share some quick pix of our home at Christmas time…this year without an indoor cat…which to us is a very good thing.     There are a lot of pictures, so I am posting them in a smaller format…if you want a closer look you can just click on the photo for a better look…  

 candy castlenever enough roomitsa blur!Christmas 1castIron Owlmain treeheart o minenew pink tinsel treeone of my favsa lego kinda Christmaspink house holidayNoel's first stocking 1993Noel's ornamentby Grandma H.santa and crewvillage in hutchvintage silver tree   Hope you enjoyed the tour!!

Here’s a quick gift wrapping or giving idea that is sorta “green”  I have had some projects where I took the quilting out past where it needed to be, and I had some scraps that were just too big for me to throw away…quick'neasy  And I had some extra craft bags that I over bought for gifts for my staff at work….so a little clipping here, a little glue there and….. QNE2  five little gift bags….(which, actually I am passing on to you in the prize packs listed below)...   

And here are the prizes…. I have started (again) to clean up the studio, and I have been saving up a bunch of stuff to giveaway..

Prize #1    prize 1

Prize #2   prize 2

Prize #3   prize 3

Prize #4  prize 4

Prize #5  prize 5

Prize #6  prize 6

Prize #7  prize 7

And here it is just in time for Christmas…well the New Year really….. I will leave the drawing open until Midnight December 24th Pacific Standard time, and then sometime on Christmas day I will choose the winners.  But I want to do something a little different for this giveaway…a little word association please…so here is your task…you have to answer the following questions to be eligible to win:   

1.) when you think of the word “bungalow” what comes to mind? words, colors, textures, images, thoughts, things along those lines. 

2.)same concept  for the word “cottage”..what comes to your mind with that word?

and 3.) would you rather spend a holiday weekend at the bungalow or the cottage? 

These questions  aren’t too tough, I hope.  I am gonna tweet this post too, cause I want to hear what everyone has to say.  Winners will be handpicked by me, and I will be looking for the most descriptive responses to my questions…(I don’t sound too much like a high school teacher do I?)   So let the comments and answers begin…and before I sign off, I want to thank you so much for stopping by the Blue Nickel…sometimes I don’t get in here too often myself, but I always enjoy my time in Blogland with you all..I will be more active  again once my day job winds down in the next few weeks.  As my friend Jona mentioned recently, having a job, no matter how stressful, is a very good thing these days…a very good thing indeed.  

———Aha!!  And you thought you were leaving!!  One last photo to share progress on the Sis Boom So St. Croix project for Free Spirit… here part of it is on the design wall…  So St Croix   Now, now I am signing off, and YOU can start leaving comments and telling all your bloggin’ buds about the Big Giveaway!!  I will likely be adding little bits to the prize packs this week so there will be surprizes too!

199:MIA or Scott’s great disappearing act of 2009

December 19th, 2009

Hey did you miss me??  I hope so, cause I sure have missed you all!!    I have been holed up in the black fog of Retail Workville for the whole month it seems.  I can’t believe it has been over a month since I dropped in here to say hello…I admit I can be a particularly bad bloggin’ boy this time of year. It is just tough for me with the hours I put into the “other” job…the one that is paying for most everything these days. 

Above  apologies and explanations (of a sort) being said, I don’t have a LOT of time to be doing  even this post, but I do have a few pictures to share and a couple links I think.  First of all, I have to share this one little link to an incredibly cute owl ornament by my friend Jessica Levitt…I met Jessica mainly through Melissa (whom by the way I haven’t yet met in person…but hope to next Spring)  And since I started this entry a couple days ago actually (yes, it’s that bad, this little post took multiple days), Jess came up with these ideas as well.  So now I am waiting to see her woodland tree that she is creating…

Okay… I promised some pictures too.  There are just a few…..

this is above my “paperwork” desk….and does not get dusted very often….can you tell? dusty shelf  you can’t tell from the picture, but that coin up there ….it is the original “blue nickel” I found when I came up with the studio name..(I actually forgot it was there until just now…I should have it framed, huh?)  It’s red on the back side which is rather ironic, because red is actually my favorite color….(I didn’t remember it being red on the back either)..

Okay and so this is my very first “quilt” that I made in 1978 with my mom’s guidance…neither of us knew anything about quilting….but that never stops either of us really.  It’s huge and heavy and well….pretty ugly.  I it is actually a comforter as it isn’t actually quilted, but I still love it even just for the memories.  I sent this picture to Joe Cunningham for him to possibly use in his book about male quilters coming out (next year?)....he didn’t want it..he like my newer stuff…I will have to put it somewhere in one of MY books someday! :) my first quilt c.1978  

okay and one last picture…I actually had more, but I am running out of time to post (not a rarity these days) and I need to wrap it up…

 this quilt is one of my favorites as it is one where I just started whacking away at traditional blocks.  I was given a bunch of these log cabin  blocks and about 674 strips to go with them….so I made some more blocks and just played around…I call it “Sawing Logs” and I really like it, even though I was never all that fond of some of the fabrics in it.  sawing logs c.2001

Okay, okay, you twisted my arm….one more picture.   I am currently working on a free download pattern for Free Spirit again for my friend Jennifer Paganelli’s next line called So St. Croix.  Here is a sneak peak at my project for that. sis boom pie  Okay…I am really done now, thanks for dropping by….be sure to come by next post too, cause it’s the big 200!!  I am planning a bunch of prizes to give away…I don’t know when that post will be.  I would love to get it in this month, but I can’t promise you anything…Just don’t desert me folks….I know I have been a bad blogger….but I really do love it when you stop by and say hi!  I would love to meet everyone in person…someday maybe we can…and if I don’t get back here before Christmas, a very Merry Christmas to you and yours….and Post Happy Hannukah!! 

Keep Sewing, Keep Happy,  S.

182: Clean and bright…

August 8th, 2009

Sounds like a line from Silent Night doesn’t it?....I couldn’t think of another title for yet another one of my laundry on the line photo shoots.   Pretty much all Free Spirit fabric I believe, and mostly Sis Boom, but I do see some Jenean Morrison in there…

These pictures were taken in early spring before the trees leafed out…It is much greener here…well mostly, as a lot of the trees have decided it is fall already and shed most if not all of their leaves.   I am hoping that they all come back next year….

This is just another one of those cleanup the computer desktop projects….hope you enjoy…I know I just love this stuff!!

sisboom laundry


178: In the library with….

July 19th, 2009

.......Mr. Fassett and his upcoming book Quilt Romance.  I got to see this book in it’s raw form….(mostly the pictures and not all the words) when I was at Quilt Market 2 months ago (was it really only 2 months ago? seems like a long time ago already…

Anyway back to Kaffe Fassett’s newest book.  Here is the cover of the American version

quilt romance US version  and it is alright….But…..

 I actually liked the cover I saw on Kaffe’s copy at  Market, but he of course had the British cover. This is that cover:

Yummy, huh??!!     quilt romance uk version    I am trying to see if I can get this UK version instead. It will probably cost me more for shipping and the book even, and the insides will be the same but I REALLY liked the UK cover much better.  You see, this cover is more indicative of what the insides are like…lush and exquisite settings with simple but incredible quilts in luscious fabrics…..yeah, I just love Kaffe’s books…

And speaking of books….one of my quilts made the cover of another book, this time in front and center.  The book is Oh My Stars and should be out sometime this late summer I am thinking. Marci asked me to interpret her idea in quilt form for her book and the center quilt in this photo is what I came up with.  oh my stars book cover It was quite involved and took a lot of time, but Marci and crew really liked it, and I was happy to have helped them out, and equally happy to have it on the cover!

Okay and remember my first quilt for Free Spirit? Well I just saw that it was in France recently. 

                                                                   good folk flowers in france

I knew it had been to Germany (was in a German magazine ad too, I was told, but I haven’t yet seen that ad; still hoping to though), but I saw my quilt in slide #14 of this slideshow.  Pretty cool I thought..I should have embedded a camcorder in that quilt so I could see the world with it! 

And this next piece is just so cool I had to share it with you. I discovered it on DudeCraft, and got the embedding code from there. I was so excited that I figured out how to embed a YouTube video….with a little computer help from my web guru Richard.

    Now tell me …wasn’t that cool??!

Okay….now a Blue Nickel Post wouldn’t be complete without some completely random shots of something do with color, design, art….or just life in general…so here are a few of the backlogged photos.  

This is closeup of garage sale pix in previous post…garage sale drawing 

This is really old from the spring…love these little grape hyacinths  grape hyacinth 

My friend Jona sent me this order from her store Fabritopia.....and all the little snippets on the right? they were thrown in for free!!  I cannot tell you how much that little extra touch totally made me want to shop with Jona again!  Thanks Jona…(oh, and that is “john-na, not “joan-ah” everyone!....don’t even try her last name!!  :) )snipsnip order

Oh, and some Sis Boom least I think it is all Sis Boom…if not it must be Free Spirit!

sisboom laundry sisboom2 sisboom3 sisboom4 sisboom 5   I haven’t yet cut into this batch…I really need to…I just love it SEWmuch!!  :)  

Well that’s it for today…this post took quite a time to get up….I want to sew and PAINT the rest of the day…I love and hate computers…and right now, I am really getting tired of  being so “plugged in”  I think I am becoming addicted….but that is another story altogether.

155: and the winners are…..

March 22nd, 2009

So we have our 4 winners in the first Blue Nickel Blog-a-view giveaway!  Jennifer and I each had our families pick numbers between 1 and 116.  Noel, my oldest is going to program me my own Blue Nickel Random Number Generator or BNRNG for short (anyone have a “name” for that?)   But BNRNG will have to be for the next time (which is coming soon BTW)   So our numbers are for Jennifer’s Sis Boom 2 sets of 2 fab packs      of 2 fat quarters are:    

  1. 12  Carrie in KC  on 13 Mar 2009 at 7:05 pm

1. I love spring. I have lots of ideas for projects I’d like to try soon!
2. I have been wanting to make a table runner. Who knows if that’s what will end up happening!

Thanks for this fun interview and giveaway!


# 62   Sara  on 14 Mar 2009 at 6:18 pm

What is your most inspiring time of year or day?
Mid morning any time of year is the time of day I am most inspired. Spring and fall are the season that I find most inspirational.

What will you make with your prize?
I will be making pouches/bags for people to take essesntials with them when they go in for treatments (e.g., cancer, etc). It’s large enough to hold a cell phone, some money, chapstick, etc.



And for the scrap bags….

One for each of two winners from Blue Nickel Studios, the winners are:

# 5  Nova  on 13 Mar 2009 at 5:52 pm

I am probably more productive towards the afternoon-night.

I have been contemplating a nice big bag to haul my craft stuff around in.


# 92   kristen – gock’s frocks on 16 Mar 2009 at 7:50 am

Wow! You have a fabulous interview style – what fun to read! I have found a new blog I must keep up with and I am a huge fan of your goodies in flickr.

As for the answers to the questions…I think I am most inspired by the spring – the change from dormancy to life bursting out everywhere – buds on the trees, bulbs poking through the earth, the grass regaining its green (not that we have any of that here!)

as for what I would make – hmmm…too hard to say just one thing – I am a bit obsessed with the log cabin square these days, so maybe a table runner to celebrate spring….or maybe finally something for ME! LOL…I also have a bit of a sofite fetish going on right now so my list is a bit long!

thanks so much for a fun interview & great giveaway!

Congratulations to Carrie in KC, Sara, Nova, and Kristen….please email me privately with your snail mail addresses and Jennifer and I will send out our prizes to you each….

A large thank you to all who stopped by and commented with such great thoughts and ideas!  Be sure to let us know what you create of your winnings, and come back here  to the Blue Nickel in a couple days for the info on the giveaway I am doing with Stichin’ Heaven….as well as just to visit, look around, and/or say hi!

Here’s one for the road. 

A vintage piece that came from my Grandma’s house..yes this is the width of it…everything is cut wrong, and somehow that pinkish blob on the left is bleed through from sitting around too long I guess….I had kitchen curtains of it in college, but I think I left them in that apartment!  If only I had valued then what I value now!  But the past is passed, and we all must move one.  I am thankful for this remaining piece!



151: Sis Boom Blog-a-view!

March 13th, 2009

Be forewarned, the below entry was very labor-intensive, and somethings may appear odd on your browser.  I did a lot of fancy tididly bits, some of which worked, and some of which are hard to explain…or fix…or alter…whatever…...BUT it is all readable as far as I can tell with some fun links and prizes at the end…so read and be amazed at the incredible Jennifer Paganelli!


I am so excited to share with you a “blog-a-view” that I did with Jennifer Paganelli from Sis Boom….Sis Boom is Jennifer’s design/craft/lots-o-stuff-with-glitter business.  Jennifer is one of those people I have seen from afar featured in two of my favorite magazines Country Living and the late Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion….(that magazine is deceased for now…NOT Mary, thank goodness…MEHC was the IT magazine at our house for the last 11 years we are sorrowful to see it laid to rest…if you are a publisher PLEASE contact Mary Engelbreit and get that magazine back in circulation…)

Oh, where was I?   Oh Yeah!  Jennifer Paganelli has so many wonderful lines, I can’t even count them all!  Her newest is Flower Power...and there are two more coming …Pretty Please and Dance With Me coming out by summer…she also told me of two MORE she is working on, but I think at least one of those is hush, hush, now so you will have to wait….they have GREAT TITLES though! Jennifer is so clever with those! 

So onto the Blog-a-view (with pictures generously supplied by Sis Boom)


  • When you were a little girl what did you want to be when you grew up?

       Well when I was around 5 or 6, my mother made me a flying nun costume and for that day probably that day only I wanted to be a nun. Later on in high school, I wanted to be a window decorator, using the old vernacular, remember they didn’t have words for merchandise stylist at that time.


  • What is your favorite part of what you do right now and why?        I love getting to know the people using my fabrics..I love to see what they are making and what inspires them…I love my designs becoming theirs.


  • What is your least favorite part of what you do now and why?

  •  Opening and closing the door for my dog George who can’t make up his mind about coming in or going out…


  • Toenail polish—pink or red?  It’s an island tomato-type red!  What’s “island tomato red”? Let’s say Firetruck red ..why are firetrucks yellow now none would ever have yellow nails makes no sense to me…  :)

  •                 {This is Scott talking here…....I manage a drugstore to keep us alive and we have had lines of nail polish with weird colors…orange will go way before yellow or green…even black will out sell those colors…..I once had a black fingernail…I didn’t need any polish though…all I needed was a hammer!}   :) 

    • What is your favorite pair of shoes?  I love patent leather wedges!     

    •  In all your lines of fabrics so far who is your favorite child? I would have to say Molly!  It showed up everywhere and even Heidi Klum took note…Also, I love the sort of Bohemian wallpaper feel!      Molly in Pink and …....                     Molly in Blue   

    Do you have any dolls from childhood still and where are they now?  No, I don’t, but I do still play with dolls…






  • What is the oldest piece of clothing in your wardrobe still and why? Probably my mothers capes that she wore til she moved to Puerto Rico and no longer needed them ..I love them because they were hers…


    • Do any of your children show an inclination towards design?  My daughter Katie loves Photography, even has a Holga, which is a very artsy type of camera, and I know it sounds silly, but my son is into cars for obvious reasons, i.e. performance, but I hear him talking about the aesthetic, and it blows me away !!

    • What do you listen to when you are creating?  Dream Girls

    • What was the last book you read and did you like it? Why or why not? Her Last Death by Susanna Sonnenberg…an amazing writer, loved it so much!

    • If you were a cookie, what kind would you be and why? Plastic, so it would last a lifetime

    • What time of year do you find most inspiring and why? Spring is the obvious answer, but I also love the fall.

    •  When are you most creative? Morning, midday, or night?   Truly, whenever I can get time alone in the studio





  • You have 3 lines of fabric coming out all this year! You have been busy! What is your next line of fabric brewing, and how do you think it will be different from past designs?  The next is probably a convergence of Modern and romantic from my travels to Paris. I was struck by the way they coexist and enhance one another’s integrity!!  Parisian Holiday is the name of the collection.       Isn’t that a great name, folks? 

  • What other plans do you have for the future? I heard you were thinking about going “big” with manufacturing…how is that going? The future holds lots of opportunity, and for that I am so grateful. I would love to do all sorts of things, but right now I need to finish the next collection.  I don’t mean to be coy, but the fact is that so much doesn’t pan out, it’s best to wait ‘til it does.

  • What would your reaction be if someone handed you a pair of Barry Manilow tickets right now?  Never got his appeal!

  • What is your favorite ride at Disneyland and why?  I’m quite good at rollercoasters with no big drops. Do they have those at Disney World?? may even be a kiddie ride.  Not too daring.

  • Do you have any humorous stories about the Sis Boom beginnings that you could share with us?  People calling me Sis stll gives me a bit of a chuckle.

  • Where have you never been that you still really want to go to?  Mexico; I have a new found interest in Our lady of Guadalupe after reading Looking for Mary  by Beverly Donofrio

  • And the final most important question most likely…..Davy Jones, Bobby Sherman, or David Cassidy?  Barry White..I grew up in the Virgin Islands for God’s sake; it was all about Motown.

  •   I just want to say a big  Thank you to Jennifer for taking the time so share some interesting thoughts and delightful pictures here at the Blue Nickel.   Interviews are not really going to be my “thing”  But I had a great time getting to know Jennifer a little better and I hope you have too.  There is a WONDERFUL Podcast of Jennifer by another Jennifer over at Craftsanity.  Check it out!

     NOW for a raffle/comment-a-thon for prizes from Sis Boom and Blue Nickel Studios!

     To enter to win, you need to leave a comment here at Blue Nickel Studios on this entry.  Deadline for entries will be Midnight on March 21st.  The first day of spring seems appropriate.    And we want you to answer these two questions!    What is your most inspiring time of year or day? and what will you make with your prize?

     Four Prizes will be given:

    •   Sis Boom is giving away two sets of two bundles of Sis Boom Fat Quarters (that is 4 fat quarters of fabric to two winners) and…..

    •  I am giving away two scrap bags of Blue Nickel Projects; they will have smaller bits of Free Spirit fabrics and other fabrics possibly including maybe some vintage fabric or trims…(they are definitely scrappy, I just stuff them as I go, so you won’t really know what you are getting, but I would like them, so I hope you do too!) 

    • The first two names drawn get Jennifer’s prizes and the next two get mine.  Looking forward to hearing about all the creativity out there!

     One final note: this entry was tricky with all the bolding and indenting and picture placing, so if something is out of whack please be forgiving, I did my best.  You can let me know if it is a glaring error!