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Christmas books….

December 16th, 2012

Yup…this is LATE for Christmas books….but I have these two to share with you…and maybe two more tomorrow, if I can get to them!

This first one I shared about awhile back because I am a contributor to it and it came out in the E-version last year I believe.  Pretty in Patchwork Holidays came out in print version this year.  I really prefer the print version of all books so I was delighted to actually get it in my hands.

My friend John Adams put this baby together with many wonderful bloggers whom I am sure you know contributing to the project line-up. I started on this gift bag that John designed , and I had really hoped to get it DONE to show you, but I have been so overwhelmed by a great many NON-sewing related things in the last few months, I have had Very limited time in the studio.  Ok, almost no time in the studio....However, January is looking good to have a change around in that department, and I am ever so excited about that change!!

Anyway, there are MANY other wonderful projects in this book beside the bag including pillows, table settings, wall hangings, stuffed stuff, and the cutest little hedgehog embroidery pattern.

And of course there are quilts.  This one by John is one of my favorites. All snowy and chilly-warm using the only real shade of purple that I like, a “grey-ish” Perkin’s purple.

PIP John's Quilt

and of course I am fond of my quilt in the book as well!


The next book to mention is Christmas Magic by Ingrid Perra.  This book is definitely a throwback to the early quilting revival days of the 70’s and 80’s.  Very country, very simple.  I am not sure if a lot of you would like this book or not just because the fabrics used in the book are very much that of that “Laura Ingalls Wilder” look.  They definitely would appeal to you if you like that current Scandinavian revival I see popping up here and there in the sewist arena.

Christmas Magic cover

Most of the projects are simple and very homespun looking.  Looking through the book, these two projects struck my eye as unique and interesting.   I could see them done in more contemporary fabrics as well.

I found this tree “basket” concept very interesting and love the concept behind it.  Same trees with some hip mod fabrics? Could be a fun project!

CMagic tree tray

And Linda and I are always looking for some fresh takes on the whole Advent Calendar theme.  This one is very “gingerbread” looking with these pinks and beiges,  but might be just as much fun in some Chartreuse and Cherry combo, right?

CMagic Advent House

So that’s it for today’s post…hope to have another one for you with two other Christmas books that you might really like to get yourself  which do include some fun things that you still might have time for this Christmas…...if you get them right away….and I get the post actually finished!!  :)

easter weekend–the aftermath

March 24th, 2008

That sounds ominous, but it wasn’t.  I just didn’t have time to write about the weekend during the weekend that is all….or I didn’t make time to write about it.  Anyway, Easter Saturday was a really cold morning.  When I went out for my morning fitness walk, Sassy, our beloved she-manx cat, barely lifted herself out of her bed.

S3010938.JPG  Here she is in her royal swan bed.  My dad made this bed as a planter, but after the first set of geraniums died, her royal highness Sassy, took over years ago, and it is now her place. It was so cold though, she wouldn’t even come to the door looking for a hand to pet her, or a handout of food.

This is the sunrise that greeted me on that Saturday morning.  I wanted to capture the abundance of snow on the foothills, but I don’t think this photo does it justice. We really don’t have snow on those hills very often, especially not on Easter morning.       S3010943.JPG  

Easter Sunday rather a disappointment to me, as I didn’t at all get the sermon at church.  The time of worship was good, but the best part was when my friend Mike read from Matthew the part about not worrying about the future, each day has enough worry of its own. It reminded me of a book I recently read called The Shack.  the shack.jpg  It is a very powerful book, and one of the best parts was about  God’s love for us.  The phrase “God loves you” is so over done these days, I find it rather meaningless but this book reminds us the God is “especially fond” of us…all of us, even if we don’t acknowledge His hand in our lives.  The whole “His” references are challenged in this book too, as God first shows up as a very large African-American woman.  I love it!   There are many far-right seekers of God that would be offended by that, and the far-left seekers get too wrapped up in themselves to see that God is both male/female.  He created us that way in His/Her image.  I still refer to Him as Him, but it is good to know that He is our mother as well…...Kinda trippy and metaphysical I know, but it is a good book, and the book is not hard to read at all.  There are no pictures, and I even managed to get through it in 3 days….

Another great book (with some REALLY trippy parts) as well is The War of Art war of art.jpg  

 It is rather strange, and parts of it are hilarious, but some of it speaks well about fighting artistic blockages of all sorts.  It rather demonfies “resistance” and glorifies perhaps defies art.  The author has some strange religious anger brewing underneath his ramblings, and some of that I found rather annoying, but I did like how he faced resistance head on and basically challenges the reader to keep plugging through all the barriers that keep one from creating.   I recommended it to my friend Mark Lipinski on the phone, and while we were talking he ordered it from Amazon.  I am wondering what he will think when he reads it.  I think the line that I read him likened the problems of Resistance to somethings like acne, world hunger, and erectile dysfunction.    I KNOW that the ED is in there, that is what made me laugh out loud. 

Anyway back to Easter Sunday….it rained and rained and rained…..not very “springy” the Pagan Easter part of the celebration was pretty drenched down….did see some neighbor girls way out back running around in boots and fancy dresses looking for eggs….that was pretty funny  The Christian part of the celebration left me rather sad….I think I must have missed it….all of it…the point of Jesus on the cross and ressurrecting on Sunday I “KNOW” it in my head, but my heart sure didn’t seem to notice, and I think that is the point where I was very disappointed by it all..

This is supposed to be an “Artistic” blog, so I don’t know why I wrote all that heavy stuff…it is not like anyone really reads this stuff anyway.   But there you have it, Easter weekend in a nutshell…..