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Urban Folk Book Club

Book Club - Urban Folk Style Hey there! Today I want to talk a little bit about Urban Folk Style which is the tagline I made up a few years ago to describe the Blue Nickel vibe. I felt like I needed to define my style somehow, but all of the taglines I liked were being used by other designers. I came up with Urban Folk to cover my love of modern urban lines in design combined with my love of organic and wonky not-so-precise woodsy, folksy concepts....

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What Is A Great Quilting Blog?

So my question for you today is this - Why do you stop by the Blue Nickel? How can the Blue Nickel become a great quilting blog? Or maybe the question is what can make the Blue Nickel blog a better quilting blog?  The other day I read a couple of my First posts (10 years ago!) and I thought about how much some things have changed and some have not changed that much. I think my "voice" is pretty much the same, but the...

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Flit and Bloom Blog Tour

Welcome to my day on the Blog Tour for Patty Young's Flit and Bloom! I was so glad to be asked to be part of Patty's Blog Tour, I always love the chance to play with new fabric, Right?! First a little bit about Patty that you may not know. We have known each other at least 10 years I think! We met when she was just starting out designing fabric but had been doing Mod Kid clothing designs for a time already I believe. She and...