Everyday Life August

Everyday Life August

Welcome to the dog-days of August – or for me days full of Everyday Life where I try to squeeze in sewing where I can (which can prove a bit tough some days).

A few things that are coming between me and getting good sewing time are:

  • Firewood to stack – It’s that time of year to warm yourself stacking wood so you can warm yourself sitting and stitching  by the fire 3-5 months from now.
everyday life - stacking wood - blue nickel studios -

Lumber from construction sites makes great firewood!

  • Patterns to write – Stoneybrek, Looking Good, and Dapper Dave that I showed at Spring Market all need to get written. And then I have a few that I plan on getting out by January as well. I would much rather sew up new quilts than write them up, but both need to be done.
everyday life - stacking wood - blue nickel studios -

These baskets were overflowing – emptied them and currently splitting the goods!

  • Walking with my wife – Summer is here in the Northwest, and Linda loves to go on walks. I have to force myself to leave the “to-do’s” but once I am on the walk, I am happy that I am spending time with my  beautiful bride of almost 29 years!
  • Yardwork – I used to be much better at this. Now, I don’t care as much – we are looking at downsizing in the future and though I will miss our privacy, I am looking forward to a much smaller lot. So this is really at mere maintenance, which kind of makes me sad, but I am also a bit alright with it too.

Everyday Life in the Actual Studio –

These shelves were overflowing with fabric. Thinking of replacing with books which I can never find anyway. One of the Many Projects that I am working on is DeCLUTTERING and a Cleaning out the studio. I have been doing this slowly….OK, so Barely at all…. but I really have started in one corner and one dresser by taking the fabric stored there and splitting it in half.  The plan is to keep half for me (for now) and then donating/giving the rest away to local peeps and groups.

everyday life - stacking wood - blue nickel studios -

These shelves were piled with fabric that I rarely looked at. Thinking books that I can never seem to find may make more sense up here.

I just happened to read a tiny bit about the ‘cleaning the studio’ joy that my friend Cheryl Arkison shared on her blog here.  I am totally embracing her Step Four in that article. There’s a spark in my soul in regards to that inspiration she alludes to in that step.

During cleaning up – found this box of leftovers from the Spring Market booth. Watch IG for more on these coming up.

At this point I think I am beginning to get over the overwhelming feeling that had kept me from truly attempting to clean and being inspired to create en mass now.  Continually finding fabrics I haven’t touched in a decade (or longer….seriously). Feeling like I should make log cabin and churn dash blocks with these. I may or may not get to it, but I can feel this cleaning phase to be very healing and inspiring.

This blog post ended up going a completely different way than I started with it. And I am cool with that. And come to think of it, this really is what Everyday life is often like, isn’t it?

Keep Sewing, Keep Happy,



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  • Oh, friend, you know how I love de-cluttering! Glad to hear that you are making room for new inspiration. As always, I’m here to help if you want it.

    August 28, 2018 at 8:52 am

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