American Country & Hello Jane

American Country & Hello Jane

First off, I want to say thanks for all of the kind words in regards to my “I Quit” post. So wonderful knowing I am not alone. It is funny because just by sharing that I have those thoughts sometimes, I seemed to totally disarm those negative thoughts in my head. It was like “aha, you nasty bad vibes, see you CANNOT take me down, because you have been exposed for what you are – empty and without any bite” or something like that. Probably much more eloquent …. Anyhow, it feels particularly freeing!  🙂  Let’s all keep on Keepin’ On!

So today’s post is about My favorite new Monthly Treat >> Quilty Box!  Today I am combining June and July’s Quilty Boxes in this one post just to kind of get caught up!  Hahahaha

I have box-opening videos up on my Instagram Feed.  June’s video can be found here and July’s video can be found here.

Now let’s talk a little more about the boxes! Starting with June’s box…….

The fabrics from Masako Wakayama for Lecien are so very reminiscent of my early days of quilting. I love Americana and Country style prints still, but I don’t work in them that much anymore, so it was cool to get some fresh versions of it. I doubt that I will make the quilt from the pattern provided just because I like making my own ideas up. But it is a top-notch grouping!

I have not yet tried these little plastic hexie EPP foundations but they do look interesting. The little zipper pull? Linda confiscated this for one of her dolls. Cosmo Floss? It is always great to have more floss. It would be greater to have more time… THERE’S a Subscription Box we could all use, am I right?

Love all of the little glasses on many of the prints. This is what I consider an almost solid really!

Now, I don’t do all that much with panels, but I was thinking it might be fun for a different kind of back,

And I do like this book “border” on the Panel. Some nice spots for embroidery or combining with this book pattern maybe?

And now moving on to July’s box.

While June had a lot more fabric in it, which is always nice, July had some pretty cool tools so the fabric though equally awesome was lesser in quantity. Sure was a great group of fabrics though!  I love these Hello Jane  prints by Allison Harris of Cluck, Cluck, Sew fame for Windham Fabrics. Very repro-vibe with modern zing! I am thinking nine-patches maybe? Maybe Nine-patch snowballs? OR something more complex!

The two big “tools” in the July Box that I love are the Stiletto and Pressing Tool from I have never had a stiletto before, I have been noticing lately that one could come in handy, so I am super glad that I have one now!

Then this Zirkel Pin Magnet is Radical! I love how you can just drop the pins on it and they fly out the edge. Sooooo cool!!  Yup, I am EASILY entertained!

And they even happened to send me a Blue one!!

That’s it for this morning. I have a TON to do today. I am hoping it might even include sewing??  Keep an eye on me in Instagram because that’s where I will put more daily stuff as it happens.

And again, thanks for all of the “I Quit” love. Don’t worry, I won’t. But that also means you don’t get ALL of the fabric here.. just the occasional giveaways….

Keep Sewing, Keep Happy,



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