I Quit . . .

I Quit . . .

there, did I get your attention??    🙂

Today’s post is a bit more like my early days of Blogging when I shared more “non” quilty things along with all of the Textiley goodness here. But don’t worry, I am scattering random studio pix and pictures of my week in Sisters (from my phone) in here just so you have something to look at it, if you get bored by my rambling.  🙂

I often declare “I Quit!” to myself and sometimes my darling wife, Linda, when I get frustrated.  But really, I am not a quitter. I actually DON’T quit some things that I probably SHOULD quit.

I had a friend a long time ago whom I was very good friends with (or so I thought) and then one day he wrote me a letter saying that he thought we should not be friends anymore. I tried my best to try and redeem that friendship for DECADES. I drove Linda crazy with how I wouldn’t let go of it and let it be. I finally did (okay mostly – there are still days that I miss that camaraderie) Sometimes, it is a good thing to quit and move on.

I love creating, and planning, and playing with fabric, needle, and threads of all kinds. But I do get super frustrated when everyday life needs attention paid to cumbersome necessary things like bills and paperwork and daily household maintenance.

That’s when I think ridiculous things like:

  • I’ll never quilt again.
  • I am going get rid of everything and go live in a cave.
  • And when I say everything, I mostly mean all of my fabric and quilting supplies  (okay just hold on there, you vultures, I haven’t actually ever meant that!  🙂  )
  • I am going quit wearing colorful shirts and only wear black (or dark blue) Tshirts and Jeans (like David Butler 🙂 )
  • I will never ever buy any more fabric. Ever.

Yeah, right.

Quitting is really not the answer to the frustrations. Now dressing like David Butler isn’t a Bad Idea, but that’s his look not mine, and I don’t want to steal or copy it, and I can’t really see myself not wearing wild colors and prints — even if I do disappear into my quilts that way. Quilters Camouflage.

But there ARE some things that I Should Quit.

The main one being Comparing myself to Everyone around me. That is hard because I have VERY TALENTED friends! But they are all following their OWN path, not mine.  Only I can be ME – and I Need to never quit that, but I do need to quit comparing what I do to what others do. As an artist, I am extremely self-critical.

Two weeks ago, there was SOOOO Much inspiration at Quilters’ Affair and the BIG EVENT- the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. It was inspiring. And Overwhelming. And Beautiful.  But also a perfect storm type of time to find myself comparing my work and myself to those talented teachers and students. Amazing things happen that week. As I was expressing some of these feelings and thoughts to my roommate for the week and best friend in the quilting world, the amazing Rob Appell, and he very wisely reminded me that I was likely “comparing Apples and Oranges.”

Say Anything — By Lysa Flower

And he was right. I am not less than any of these other talented people and creatives. They have Different frustrations than I have, and I have things going well for me that they don’t have. I am different, and I am the ONLY person who can be me. LOTS of freedom in that huh? And peace and joy and a whole bunch of other Really Great things.

Black & White -Row by Row – by Heather Davidson

So, No, I am NOT quitting quilting, and No, I am NOT getting rid of my massive Curated Fabric Museum (sorry!)

But I will Quit Comparing myself to others, and I will continue to be inspired to create by the beauty in the world around me, including those incredible works by my friends and people I may never meet. And it will be a very, very good thing.

And I will also keep trying to quit the following:

  • Consuming  so much sugar, carbs, and diet cola.
  • Over Sleeping
  • Complaining about First World Problems
  • Skipping Yoga Mornings
  • Staying up too late  (see second item)
  • Worrying
  • Wasting money on Junk food (see first item)
  • Getting Distracted and going down Bunny trails via most all social media
  • Skipping Leg Day
  • Everything else that is not helpful or healthful

Thus ends our lesson for the day!   🙂

Keep Sewing, Keep Happy!


Oh, and P.S. I plan to make a quilt all about this subject – I’m calling it “Appells and Oranges”  — apples spelled like Rob’s last name. I am SOOOO clever, aren’t I?

Goofy, too, I know.


  • eileensideways


    yep, you got my attention. interesting post…perhaps u should design a quilt around this quote: “we may be apples and oranges, but we make a pretty good pear”

    July 22, 2017 at 5:22 pm
    • Scott


      I LOVE THAT!!!

      July 22, 2017 at 5:47 pm
  • I love this post…a truly honest essay of a truly creative mind.

    July 23, 2017 at 7:13 am
  • Being honest and true to ourself is key! Keep on going and just being YOU!

    July 23, 2017 at 9:14 am
  • The human condition…we are never good enough..none of us….When I get that way…I remember that the whine is self serving…I look at the quote, “It is good to remember, that with one trifling exception, the whole world is made up of others”
    That gets me back on track..

    July 23, 2017 at 11:11 am

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