Winter Walk

Winter Walk

Hahaha! It was 90 degrees Fahrenheit last weekend as I contemplated writing about  Winter Walk by Denyse Schmidt….I have had these cuts for a few months, just tossing ideas around over how I would use them……I was going to do some curved piecing with some tricks that my friends Victoria and Karla have showed me but I have not had the time to concentrate on it. And it is now officially Summer here in the Pacific Northwest USA, so I thought I had better just start cutting into this awesomeness.  Technically I finally get to post something for  all of my friends Down Under who are headed into THEIR winter, so this one’s for you peeps in the Land of Oz!!

Thoughts on this line? I mean REALLY, it’s Denyse Schmidt, people. Of course I love everything here!  I have a passion for all things vintage anyway, so Denyse’s lines always delight me. The abundance of plaids and foulards in this particular line go great with each other and they will add a great counterpoint to all of  those florals that you know I love – pattern on pattern on pattern — etc!   🙂

While playing with Winter Walk,  I kept thinking about Pumpkin Spice and bales of straw — more like fall than winter to me (in the midst of sweltering summer heat in my upstairs studio).

I have been wanting to play around with my Painted Forest trees for quite some time now. I have taught so many classes of this pattern and seen so many … ahem… Tree-mendous… versions by students  …. (I could just not help that, sorry!  🙂 ) I have been itching to make more myself.

I thought it would be fun to do some totally “leafless” trees and mess around with the value guidelines of the original Painted Forest pattern. Here are two bare trees in Winter Walk.  I am getting some of Denyse’s new Washington Depot and some of Anna Maria Horner‘s Floral Retrospective and Loominous next week, and plan on having a good time combining them  with this! Stay Tuned for more details on that “Bohemian Forest” project!

And of course, I needed ten more Tiny Treat Totes for next week so I used Winter Walk for that too.

Okay that’s it for today. I am still scrambling around here packing and last minute sample sewing before I leave for Sisters tomorrow.

OF COURSE there’s last minute sewing, right?

Anyway, Later peeps,  I may get some posts here next week, but if not I will certainly be posting on my Instagram feed here.

Keep Sewing, Keep Happy,


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  • Patty


    I love her fabrics but they don’t look like a winter walk in Iowa.

    July 13, 2017 at 1:12 pm

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