Gingham Girls

Gingham Girls

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Amy Smart sent me a small sampling of her new line Gingham Girls for Penny Rose/Riley Blake.

These are some groovy prints in this group – straight out of the seventies when I was a kid.  Just a little bit of fabric went a long way to make 4 of my Bobbin Chase blocks from The Splendid Sampler!  I reversed the “bobbins” on the two “red” blocks and then I sashed all four blocks with 1 3/4″ strips. I think I may surround this with random strips in various widths of what’s left of the scraps Amy sent me. Maybe mix in some of my real vintage 70’s prints that go with these patriotic colors. And maybe snowballs after that, what do you think?

This line conjures up afternoons of  warm sunshine, running through the sprinkler, and picnics in the park, don’t they?

The grouping also reminds me of the summers we spent at my cousins’s lake lot. Those were good, adventurous, carefree times!!

And of course fun selvages are the thing these days aren’t they? So happy for Amy and this, her first fabric line. I have known Amy for many years seeing her at quilt market in a position much like mine, an independent designer walking and talking to people, always gathering creative inspiration, growth, and contacts but not having a booth where people come find us. This was her first time being tied to a home base. She wrote about quilt market here and then she wrote about the line itself here.

It didn’t take me too long to make this little “start-up” quilt top, and even though it is Perfect colors for Memorial Day tomorrow, it is not finished. But the nice thing about Memorial Day being celebrated in Red, White, & Blue — we get second and third chances with the color scheme in June for Flag Day and July for Independence Day.  So MAYBE you will see this popping more in my Instagram feed with additional touches and Possibly even finished this year….hahahaha!  🙂

That’s it for now – Happy Memorial Day! And Hello, Summer!

Keep Sewing, Keep Happy,





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  • PatSloan


    Love your block and this is darling!

    May 28, 2017 at 2:59 pm

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