Well, I tell you, TIME is something isn’t it? It just keeps trucking along without any regards of our catching up with it.

I did a LITTLE catching up last night and this morning, and I finally got to playing with this stack of Splendor by Amy Butler for Free Spirit. I have had this stack since February for crying out loud. Sigh…..time is fleeting…….. 😉

As always, Amy’s design work and colors are divine. This line is obviously influenced by her trip to India awhile back with our now mutual friend Sujata Shah.  I had the pleasure of meeting Sujata last summer, but that is for another story. Both are very talented ladies!

Loving the tame cheetahs on a leash and the Indian figures as well. And of course florals and geometrics in outstanding designs! Everything plays nice with each other as well as other Free Spirit and non- Free Spirit lines!

I have been wanting to make at least one of these pyramid pillows from the cover of Amy’s book  — amy butler’s piece keeping

To be honest, they kind of intimidated me. Three dimensional sewing projects tend to do that to me. I work mostly in a flat and, as pointed out in the last post, a pretty straight, angular manner.
This is angular but not flat, and a lot of stuffing!

This is as far as I have gotten today, BUT I have started and that is a very, very good sign that I will likely finish this……I hope! Keep watching my Instagram feed for progress. It’s not perfect by any means, but I can see it being a pretty fun accent piece! (I did sneak in some of one of Amy’s previous lines, Bright Heart 😉 )

The book has a wide variety of projects, of which quite a few are NOT quilts.  That being said, there are a couple of quilts that are right up my alley.

The In the Moment quilt is a fun improv “starter instructions” basically. Amy gives you a list of concepts and guidelines, so every quilt will be entirely different to be sure, but you are not completely on your own if you want tips along the way.

I messed around with a few Splendor scraps just for the fun of it to start my very own “in the moment” piece,  with a nice little fussy cut deer at its center. Who knows where this in the moment piece will end up. But there is that moment!

I really want to  make this Aspen Branches quilt, but with all of my own plans for my own new patterns, well, that is probably not happening right away….but YOU could!!  I love it!

Now, I might make these free form pyramids from the Talisman Necklace! But I would hang them from a garland or make them individual little ornaments.

And though, I am not sure I would get to making this, I really do like this Treasure Box.

I love all sorts of boxes…not that I actually know what’s in any of the boxes around the studio……

That’s it for today, peeps!
Be sure to stop by yesterday’s post and leave a comment there for that prize as well as following the links for other chances to win stuff!

Keep Sewing, Keep Happy,

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