Hello Love

Hello Love

Meet Hello Love by Heather Bailey!  Based on all things Beatles, This line rocks some groovy colors and prints. I particularly like that there are some great tonals and small scale prints…….and of course a large scale Octopus. How can you not love that?  The print names such as Norwegian Wood, Octopus’s Garden, Get Back, Twist and Shout, and Fields Forever have me humming the tunes as I type.

Last fall, I was so delighted to be contacted by Heather  wanting to work together using Hello Love in one of my designs for her booth at Fall Quilt Market.  She has such a fresh look to her designs and is very bold about her approach to color. I have been truly honored and blessed by the experience of working with her.

I had always struggled with getting the scale of prints into Illustrator Diagrams. Heather generously coached me in the process, and I learned a lot from her as we looked at different options.

Here are some examples of how we considered using Hello Love in my patterns.


United Colors  – using Hello Love and her True Colors line.

A gathering of a couple versions of Flame On!



And then our final decision landed on this version of New Glory. I had a version where the pinks and reds were swapped with the blues tucked away in my computer, but now I cannot find it. Sorry about that!

The first photo in this post shows the actual quilt hanging in Heather’s Quilt Market booth (photo courtesy of Heather’s Instagram shots). The fabulous Rhiannon (of @raebirdrhi Instagram fame) pieced and quilted this quilt at a very last minute pace and did a terrific job as far as I can tell!

You can get your New Glory – Hello Love Fabric Kit from Heather here on her site. And you can buy the New Glory pattern here in my shop. There is an alternate colors cutting-&-piecing plan PDF available on my Freebie page as well if you want to make your version look exactly like the diagram above.

Get your Hello Love fabric while you can,  you know how fabric flies off the shelves these days!

That’s it for today Peeps,

Keep Sewing, Keep Happy,




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  • Ginger Marshall


    Very cool Scott, I love the quilt & the fabrics!

    April 6, 2017 at 9:19 pm

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