Progress Of A Sort

Progress Of A Sort

Thought I would briefly show you how the Studio Clean up is going. The above shot is my new cutting mat finally put up over my Ikea cabinets. I had a smaller 24″ by 18″ mat that was ANCIENT and had so many grooves gouged in it, it was getting very bad to cut on. And I had bought the particle board and gleaming new 24″ x 36″ board to put on top ….oh, in January ….. 2016!! So in February this year, I finally got it cleaned up. The above picture makes me very happy.

On the end of the Ikea cabinets you can see 4 wooden wine boxes from Costco. When I worked in the warehouse, I managed to snag 8 of these. they are PERFECT for storing fabric…so pretty…. I have had them for awhile. The only problem is they sit right on the floor so the bottom fabrics get dust bunnies latching onto them all of the time. I will get a base built for them eventually but it is not a priority.

This Disaster below is the ongoing priority/struggle!

The above was last fall.

Below is a few weeks back. That Red futon WAS sit-able until I got those new stacks of Fat Quarters. So I am making a bit of progress on the studio. Even if you can’t tell.

It actually currently looks a  little worse because I am wrapping up my part of that mystery project I keep hinting about with my friend Rob. I WILL clean up from that before the next big one and keep cleaning until I get somewhere, anywhere, better than this.

And even though the above photo still looks bad…and it is….I have not been able to get into that blue cabinet for awhile, so it IS getting better…kinda..

I really want to get to that dresser buried on the left of the armoire. I picked up that old 40’s REAL WOOD dresser for about $15-25 at a Garage sale, but I haven’t seen the front of it for sometime. I really do love it and would like to enjoy looking at it again! And WHO knows what fabric is lurking in those drawers?!

Slowly but surely I will get this place cleaned up! You can help me by picking up  scrap boxes from the Blue Nickel Shop …..they are cheap, you mostly pay for shipping!

That’s it for today, gotta get to work in the studio!

Keep Sewing, Keep Happy,




  • You’re making good progress. I can see the floor. Keep it up.

    March 15, 2017 at 11:34 am

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